Original Title: Airbus Metal 3D Printing Super Aluminum Alloy Powder Scalmalloy on Sale in China The Antarctic Bear has learned that in September 2020, the metal 3D printing super-strong aluminum alloy powder material developed by Airbus has been sold in China! Previously, this high-performance material was listed on the export restriction list. It is difficult to buy in the Chinese market. Scalmalloy is a patented high-strength aluminum alloy developed by Airbus Group Innovation Center for more than ten years and commercialized by APWORKS in 2014. Primarily used in aerospace applications, its high strength and low density make it suitable for topologically optimized structures designed to reduce weight. As the world's first material developed specifically for additive manufacturing processes, Scalmalloy ® has a unique microstructure that remains stable at high temperatures due to its high cooling rate and rapid solidification. Compared with other aluminum alloy powders, it has extremely high fatigue properties, weldability, strength and ductility,Titanium 6Al4V wire, which makes it particularly suitable for aerospace, transportation and defense applications. Scalmalloy ® is a blend of aluminum, magnesium, and scandium with excellent mechanical property. Although the material has a relatively low density of 2.67 G/cm3,titanium seamless tube, it maintains high tensile strength (520 MPa) and yield strength (480 MPa). It also has excellent ductility with a Young's modulus of 70 GPa and an elongation at break of 13%. The alloy has natural corrosion resistance and exhibits high microstructural stability during thermal aging. Users may be able to make parts that were previously impossible to achieve with traditional methods, especially prototypes and functional assemblies that are lighter in weight but still very durable. Scalmalloy ® combines the best of both worlds, titanium and aluminum. Carburized alloys have excellent material properties, excellent weldability, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent (low) coefficient of thermal expansion, 3d titanium wire ,ti6al4v eli, very stable microstructure at high temperatures up to 250 ° C, excellent properties for conventional processing, and excellent application of various conventional anodizing processes. Scalmalloy ® alloys have a high strength-to-weight ratio, which reduces the weight of the part. Compared to traditionally designed and manufactured parts, products printed with Scalmalloy ® have a high added value. (Hyperlink Scalmall oy ® TDS) Expand the full text Scalmalloy ® Applications – Aerospace According to the forecast, the global commercial aircraft market will be worth $6 trillion by 2035. Based on the advantages of Scalmalloy ®, aircraft manufacturers began to use aluminum alloy, mainly because of the cost reduction, such as Airbus A320 aircraft development and design of 3D printed cabin isolation structure. The structure uses Scalmalloy ®, and the entire 3D-printed cabin isolation structure is 45% (30 kg) lighter than before. And Airbus uses Scalmalloy ® for bionic design, exploring how to save aircraft weight by simulating the super-strong structure of water lilies, and finding inspiration from fish jaws to improve the design of torsion springs. Case-Aerospace-Bionic Partition Case-Aerospace-Satellite Panel Case-Aerospace-Bracket Scalmalloy ® Applications – Automotive For decades, additive manufacturing has had a profound impact on applications such as aerospace and automotive. Luxury car manufacturers such as BMW and Rolls Royce have been using the AM process to build prototypes and various parts. In July 2020, Scalmalloy ® was certified by the International Automobile Sports Federation (FIA) and Formula 1 Formula 1. The innovation of 3D printing in the field of racing is particularly impressive and exciting. By using this aluminium-magnesium-scandium alloy, F1 racing teams will have world-class and even unparalleled racing cars. Case-Car-Racing Winglet Case-Automotive-Heat Exchanger Case-Automotive-Brake Calipers Scalmalloy ® Applications – Other APWORKS printed the world's first bionic electric motorcycle, the LightRider, using Scalmalloy ® super-strong aluminum alloy material. Its strength is no less than that of ordinary motorcycles, but its weight is only 35 kg. As a strategic partner of Heraeus (Airbus Authorized Scalmalloy), the world's leading material research and development enterprise, Shanghai Hangzhao has long provided high-quality raw materials for all high-end manufacturing users in China, including high-performance alloys such as Ti tanium alloys,nickel titanium wire, aluminium alloys and superalloys. Committed to helping industrial users maintain technological leadership in technological innovation, we welcome users to inquire and work together to explore the application of high-performance materials in the field of additive manufacturing. Heraeus Scalmalloy ® China Agent: Shanghai Hangzhao Technology Co., Ltd. Official account: Hanghzao-PAC Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com