Hua was startled. She looked back and saw that it was the old man. She breathed a sigh of relief. If it were the old lady, she would be miserable. "Old man, there's a young lady named Bai outside. She wants to see the old lady." "Miss Bai?" Old Jane paused and looked at his room. His wife was still resting. It was better not to disturb her. "You let her go. Tell her we don't want to see her." "But." Hua hesitated a little. What "She still wants to see the young master." "All right, let her go." "Yes." Seeing that old man Jane said so, Ah Hua had to convey the meaning of old man Jane to the rabbit. The rabbit at the door clearly heard the sound of hanging up the phone, she called a few more times, there was no response, combined with the intermittent voice just heard, it should be Jane Zhengyang's grandfather did not let himself in, no, she could not give up, Zhengyang was inside, the rabbit began to ring the doorbell again, but pressed a few times, there was no sound. The servant Ah Hua took the deleted battery and asked old man Jane. "Old man, where is this battery?" "Put it on that table." "All right." "Go down and get busy." "Yes." Outside the door, the little rabbit made sure that the battery of the doorbell must be broken inside. He slapped the door a few times. His hand hurt and he bit his lip. The little rabbit stepped back a little, cleared his throat and shouted at the top of his voice, "Zhengyang, Jian Zhengyang.." Jane. Just. Yang.. As soon as he shouted a few times,mineral flotation, the gate of the courtyard opened. The little rabbit was delighted. As a result, a man dressed in security clothes came out and looked at her seriously. "Miss, please leave. You disturb the rest of our old man and old lady." The little rabbit looked at the security guard who was twice as big as himself. "I want to see Jian Zhengyang." "The old lady will not allow it." "Can you tell me how he is now?" The little rabbit looked at the security guard with tears in his eyes. "Please, big brother of the security guard, I just want to know how my husband is." The security guard hesitated for a moment and said, "Master Jane is locked in his room by the old lady and can't come out." Is he all right? Are you thin, are you eating, do you want to see me? Sure enough,Portable gold trommel, he guessed right, Chien Zhengyang was under house arrest, the rabbit was distressed when he heard it, why, why he was under house arrest, that is his man, that is, she was reluctant to be fierce with him, why they should treat him like this. Perhaps the rabbit's tears moved the security guard, who should not have disclosed the employer's information at will. The security guard hesitated and said, "Not so good. Master Jane has not eaten anything for six days. At the beginning, he made a lot of noise to leave. After being subdued by us, he has been locked up in the room. These six days, he has not said anything except calling the rabbit in his mouth. There is a doctor at home." Hang grape juice for Master Jane every day. "What!" As soon as the little rabbit heard this, manganese beneficiation plant ,Portable gold trommel, he immediately became anxious. He had not eaten anything for six days and only used the grape night to maintain his physical strength. Was Chien Zhengyang's grandmother crazy? Just because she looked like her enemy, she would rather kill her grandson than let them be together? "Big Brother Security." "Well?" "I'm sorry." Without waiting for the security guard to come to his senses, the rabbit suddenly rushed into the yard. Oh, wait, you can't go in.. The security guard came to his senses and was depressed. He was actually trapped by the rabbit. Although the rabbit was not a beauty, she had shown weakness to him before, which really made him feel sympathetic. Who would have thought that she would suddenly rush in? If Mrs. Jane was unhappy, she would be scolded. The gate of the courtyard and the gate of the villa are not many steps apart. Although the security guard is tall and big, the rabbit is rushing suddenly. It is such a moment that she rushed into the villa with all her strength. "Zhengyang." Old Jane and Old Jane, who were eating, were startled by the rabbit that rushed in. Old Jane shouted, "Security guard, what happened? How did you let her in?" The security guard who came in later stared at the rabbit with some depression and laughed hurriedly, "I'm sorry, old lady, I'll drive her out right now." "Zhengyang, Zhengyang." The little rabbit just glanced at the two people at the table and ran upstairs regardless. Get her. "Yes.". ” As soon as the rabbit ran up the stairs, he found two security guards blocking his way, and another security guard caught up with him. No wonder Jane Zhengyang couldn't go home. It would be strange if so many people could go back. Before he ran up to the second floor, he was stopped by the security guard. The rabbit grabbed the stairs and stretched out one foot, staring at the security guard. "Unless you kill me, you can't let me leave." "Miss, please don't embarrass us." The security guard looked at the rabbit with some embarrassment, pulled a few times without pulling, and could not use brute force, if they really hurt the rabbit, they could not afford it, especially this is a girl. What's the matter? Can't a woman solve it? What's the use of me asking you? Old Mrs. Jane saw that the rabbit and the security guard froze and made a discontented sound. Old lady, look at this. The security guard got out of the way and let Mrs. Jane look at the rabbit's posture. It's not that they can't solve it, it's not easy to solve it. Pull her away. "Yes." Several security guards began to pull the rabbit's arm, the rabbit clenched his teeth and stared at the old lady Jane, thinking that she was the most hated landlady in the feudal society. "You have a debt owner, and you can't see other people's happiness if you are dumped by others. You don't even care about your grandson. Do you want to kill him? You love that man so much that you can't put him down when you are so old." So for the woman who robbed your man, even if she had nothing to do with her, just because she looked like her, where did you put your husband who had been married for many years? "Shut up, what are you talking about?" Old Mrs. Jane turned pale with anger at the rabbit's words. I'm just telling the truth. Rabbit's eyes are red, "don't say you are Jian Zhengyang's grandmother, if he dies, I will die with you, you this hateful and annoying temper, if I am a man also dumped you, thanks to Jian Zhengyang's grandfather can endure you for so many years, if you have a little conscience, you should forget that man,chrome washing machine, good to love the man worthy of your love." "You, you, you." Old Mrs. Jane pointed at the little rabbit and was too angry to speak.