The Red Butterfly on the other side covered her mouth and said with a smile, "I'm not worried about him. I'm only worried that I'll kill him." Han Bo had never touched these beauties who specialized in fawning on men. Listening to these explicit words, he was so magical that he hugged them left and right. After each of them had a fragrant cheek, he sighed to Ye Sudong: "Your Excellency is right. They are really good babies." Of the three men in the banquet, Han Bo was the wildest, Ye Sudonggu was sitting upright, and Zhu yuanzhang was only teasing, not like Han Bo. When Ye Sudong heard this, he said with a smile, "You haven't really learned how good these two beautiful butterflies are, but you'll know when you get up tomorrow." All the girls are coquettish and angry. Zhu yuanzhang and Han Bo immediately burst into laughter with ulterior motives. There was a man who did not like to tease beautiful girls with obscene puns, and when he said such words, even the separation between the emperor and his subordinates was brought closer. Mei Niang then turned back, followed by two beautiful girls, both without makeup, but without reducing their beautiful color, came to stand in front of the table with shame. "The one in yellow on the left is called Xiuyun, and the other is called Yanfang," said Mei Niang. "Uncle Chen will see if these two girls can be seen." Zhu yuanzhang's eyes were shining and he began to inspect the two women. Han Bo secretly said that he only loved virgins. No wonder he didn't care much about the beautiful prostitute beside him. Humph! I, Han Bo,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, just want to be a beautiful woman, no matter whether she is perfect or not. But, of course, he stared at the two girls and feasted on their beauty. Xiuyun Yanfang is no more than seventeen years old. She is full of youth, without the feeling of half broken flowers and willows. Her figure is plump and graceful, her skin is as white as snow, and her face is beautiful. She is really the best Rouge in the north. Zhu yuanzhang looked at it for a while and then said to Han Bo with a smile, "My nephew,Nail Making Machine price, pick one first." Han Bo has not had time to rejoice, the left and right legs are given a heavy twist to the red and green butterflies, deliberately "ouch" a scream. Ye Sudong felt a shock in his heart and thought that he must inform Zhuangjie about it. Zhu yuanzhang really looked at Han Bo differently. Even the stunning virgin who had worked so hard for him was willing to let him be one. The Xining faction also had to adjust its strategy towards Han Bo. This person should not be offended. Han Bo raised his hand to surrender and said, "I dare not, boy. These two butterflies control me very fiercely." Xiuyun and Yanfang were disappointed at the same time. They felt the same way. It would never be a hard job to accompany such a charming and masculine young man as Han Bo. Zhu yuanzhang was used to the idea that no one would go against him. He immediately frowned. Before he could speak, Han Bo already knew the opportunity and shouted, "I picked and I picked. I offended the two beauties beside me. I suffered for one night at most. But I made Uncle Chen unhappy, and my little nephew suffered for the rest of his life." Zhu yuanzhang shook his head and laughed and said, "Good boy!"! So much flattery! "" Han Bo remembered that when Zhu yuanzhang looked at Xiuyun just now, he was a little more attentive. "Would Miss Yanfang like to accompany me?" He asked. Yanfang nodded with pleasure and shyness. Zhu yuanzhang was surprised and naturally saw Han Bo's ingenuity. Mei Niang led the two girls away with a charming smile. Han Bo had a feeling of drunkenness and dreaminess, and realized why Ye Sudong and Chen Lingfang were so attached to power and wealth, and all the privileges and enjoyment in front of them were just a small part of it. Had it not been for Ye Sudong's status and power, who could have made these beautiful women come and go, even if they had money, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Iron Nail Making Machine, I'm afraid they couldn't have done it. Red butterfly son and green butterfly son two girls immediately pestered Han Bo coquettish, until Han Bo promised rain and dew, two girls are willing to let him go. Entangled, Han Bo a rival naturally took advantage of the opportunity to make two women blush, two pairs of beautiful eyes drip water. Zhu yuanzhang observed Han Bo from time to time, thinking and talking less. The grey-clad master sat quietly in a corner, like an old monk in meditation, turning a blind eye to everything in the hall, and soon even Han Bo, who had been paying attention to him, ignored his existence. The green butterfly was weakened by Han Bo's strange hands under the stage. "If you don't accompany me tonight," she said coquettishly, "the slave will die for you." "Don't worry," said Han Boxie with a smile! I want you to die for me tonight. The Red Butterfly fell on him and said, "What about him?" "Don't worry," said Zhu yuanzhang with a smile! My nephew is the most fair man, and he will never favor one over the other. ” The beautiful woman beside Zhu yuanzhang immediately refused, saying, "Master Chen, you!"! Not even my nephew! Before Zhu yuanzhang had a chance to answer, Mei Niang came in gracefully and shouted, "All the good daughters, get ready for your mother!" The girls stood up and went out of the hall with a smile. "What happened?" Han Bo asked blankly. Mei Niang obviously loved Han Bo so much that she squeezed into his chair and touched his back mysteriously. "It's a special program ordered by your uncle Chen," she said mysteriously. "Bao Bao's son is happy." Han Bo put his arms around her waist and said with a giggle, "As long as I have you, I will be happy." Mei Niang was overjoyed. She gave him a look and scolded him lightly. "Fascinating sweet mouth." Zhu yuanzhang winked at Ye Sudong, who stood up hurriedly and called Mei Niang out. "My nephew," said Zhu yuanzhang! Come and sit down! Han Bo knew in his heart that Zhu yuanzhang must have something urgent to say to him, so he sat down beside him. Apart from the two of them, there were only the man in gray in one corner and the group of female musicians sitting in the other corner of the hall. The music rose. The six girls of the Red Butterfly came out again with dancing steps from the side door. Han Bo secretly called my mother! It turned out that all six women had changed into strapless and small hips that could only cover important parts, wearing gauze clothes as thin as cicada wings, holding two feather fans in their hands, with pink arms and jade legs, breasts and buttocks, and slender waists. The women's movements are neat, their dancing postures are graceful, and the feather fans are suddenly covered and exposed, which are gorgeous and attractive to the extreme. Han Bo was dumbfounded. When he was salivating, Zhu yuanzhang came over and whispered, "Han Bo!"! I want you to do three things. As soon as Han Bo woke up, he ignored the moving voice of the woman in the audience between calling the bed and singing, and said, "I'm all ears!" In the midst of this drumming, I am afraid that even the spiritual ears of Fan Liangji could not overhear their whispers. Chapter II Three Tasks "I want you to kill a man," said Zhu yuanzhang as he sang and danced wildly. The six girls were taking turns to dance to the front of the table,Coil nail machine, making all kinds of seductive gestures. At this time, it was the turn of the red butterfly and the green butterfly. They worked even harder. Their watery eyes hooked Han Bo, showing their talent and capital.