"Tianer, you can't hurt the shallow moon." Jun Mengyu looked nervously at King's Landing, fearing that he would really agree to his father's words. Sister, you can rest assured that I will not hurt the shallow moon even if I hurt myself. Jun Lin Tian Chong Jun Meng Yu showed a smile, then looked up at Jun Lin yuan, sneer, "you said shallow moon harm you, you are not dead?"? Aren't you still standing here? Wait till you're dead. Said, and looked up to the top of the North Emperor, "Father, shallow moon is my best friend, I will never hurt her, nor will you hurt her!"! Although we don't know what happened between you, I believe in Asatsuki. Even if she did do these things, you must have provoked her first! Hearing this, King's face turned black, and he was so angry that his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys were throbbing with pain. He wished he could reach out his hand and crush the eyesore in front of him! The smile on the face of the Emperor of the North Hades suddenly froze, thinking that King's Landing would listen to his words cleverly, but he dared to speak to himself like that! Although he had been naughty since childhood, he was at least obedient and seldom disobeyed his own words, so he never thought that King's Landing would say that! It was a bolt from the blue for him! Emperor Beiminghuang looked up and looked angrily at Mu Qianyue. His eyes were full of angry light. His anger nibbled away his reason bit by bit. Before,Nail machine supplier, Mengyu didn't dare to disobey his orders. This time, for the sake of the purple girl in front of him, he went against himself regardless of the danger to his life. Now, even King's Landing is like this! He is so angry! Chapter 400 the determination of King's Landing. "God, do you still have my father in your eyes?"? Are you going to disobey me now? I command you to take her down for me now! Or you will not be my prince! Today I came back from the mountains of thorns without even taking a rest, just for your birthday. Since you don't want to recognize me as your son, it's meaningless. Anyway, you have a lot of sons, and I'm not the only one. King's Landing looks like he doesn't care. When the Emperor of the North Hades heard this, his body stiffened and he felt that something important had been lost in an instant. He wanted to catch it, but he couldn't catch anything. He was only stunned for a few seconds, and then returned to an angry look. His position and power do not allow him to think about these things, let alone allow others to provoke, wire nail making machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, even if that person is his own son, not! "Good!"! That's great! For the sake of a woman, you don't even want your father! Emperor Beiming clenched his fists under his sleeves, his face was livid, and his slightly old face was filled with anger. "Now I will issue a decree to withdraw your status as a prince and demote you to a commoner.". If you can make amends now and arrest her, I can let bygones be bygones and make you a vassal king and give you ten cities. Jun Linyuan and Jun Linyi are a stupefied, eyes flashed the color of shock, give him ten cities? Hum! Father emperor is really too partial, from careful especially dote on King's Landing, not because he was born with a blue soul?! In terms of status, King's Landing is nothing but a concubine born to his father's drunken sex and a palace maid! How can he compare with them? "Humph!"! Even if you give me the whole country, I won't touch a hair of the shallow moon! King's Landing disdains cold hum. The princes in the temple could not help but gasp, this is too crazy and too arrogant, right? How dare you talk to the emperor so arrogantly, I really don't know where he got the courage! Could it be that the purple girl in front of us is too important to King's Landing? So important that you don't even want your identity? Jun Linyi and Jun Linyuan were secretly annoyed by the words of the Emperor of the North Hades. After hearing the words of King's Landing, their eyes were filled with excitement. Just now they were afraid that King's Landing would agree. After all, it was ten cities! Are equivalent to a local emperor, did not expect this fool actually refused! Although the girl in purple was very beautiful, she was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen, but no matter how beautiful she was, how could she be more powerful than Jiangshan? With power and status, what kind of woman is afraid of not getting it? Mu Shallow Moon's dark eyes flashed a touch of strange light, looked up at King's Landing, obviously did not expect his position in his mind so important, looked up at Xu Yurong behind him, only to see her pretty white face showing a trace of helplessness and envy, Lintian had never said such a thing to her, although he knew that Lintian was only a friend to Shallow Moon. But I still feel sour in my heart. "Shallow Moon, don't be so moved that you promise me. I'm afraid that madman will kill me." King's Landing saw Mu Shallow Moon looking at himself with burning eyes, shaking his eyelids, mainly because the madman beat him last time, and now he is still impressed. Puff! Mu Qianyue could not help chuckling when she heard this. What did Nalanjing do to him that would make him so afraid! With a smile on his face, King's Landing looked up at the Emperor of the North Hades. With a flash of his palm, he took out a jade box from the space of the ring. "This is a birthday gift specially prepared for you by my son. Father, take care of yourself in the future." The eunuch on one side took the jade box and handed it to the Emperor of the North Ming Dynasty. He opened the jade box and found a three-leaf Ganoderma lucidum lying inside. Your Majesty, do you know how much energy and effort Lintian has spent on this Ganoderma lucidum? He almost died at the hands of a sixth-order Xuanshou! Xu Yurong couldn't help saying, "He said that his father was old, and this three-leaf Ganoderma lucidum could prolong his father's life for sixty years, so he would pick it for you anyway!"! Is that what you do to him now? Emperor Beiming's body trembled, and suddenly he felt the jade box in his hand become heavy. He looked down at the three-leaf Ganoderma lucidum in the jade box, with a faint color in the light of the glass. Is this picked by Tianer with his life? It was the heaviest gift he had ever received, which contained the love and respect of the day for him,Nail machine supplier, unlike the other sons, who had never prepared any birthday gifts for him with their minds, but bought them casually in the market with gold coins. The sky.. King's face was indifferent and he did not speak. 3shardware.com