Next, it is still the same theme, even if the rest, there are still people shooting in the periphery. However, the exhausted rebel soldiers, who had been harassed for several days in a row, seemed to have become accustomed to such a life. Except for the soldiers on guard duty, the others slept like dead pigs. Or the cool in the river also matters, no way, it is too tired, sleep down, even if the dead do not want to get up. When crossing the river, there was still a slight accident. Bombs were also planted in the water, and a soldier accidentally touched them, which made the river red. As a last resort, the commander could only let a few soldiers with ropes explore the river, explore a few safe routes, all of them pulled the rope along a few safe routes to cross the river, no one dared to walk around. In this way, it took the brigade more than four hours to cross the river, and the river was not very sad. This kind of time expenditure,CNC machining parts, is most lets the colonel commander be angry, along the way such delay, when can arrive at the destination? The sacrifices of the warriors on the journey planet who fought to buy time for them would be meaningless if they were not controlled on time. In less than five days, there have been more than 400 casualties, including more than 200 casualties, and the proportion of attrition is more than one tenth. The most painful thing for the colonel commander is that there are only more than 20 of the 100 special soldiers left, and the enemy's toughness is beyond the colonel commander's expectation. Almost six or seven special soldiers who fled back in confusion proved that the other side was two people. Just two people, the elite team of more than 40 people almost all destroyed,titanium machining parts, this is by no means an ordinary master. Intelligence shows that the entire edge of the planet, all are loose armaments, the Golden Five-Star region should be no exception, how can there be such a master guarding it? Is it because of the emergence of new materials that the federal government has increased the number of troops? However, all the information shows that, except for the first few transport fleets, no aircraft has ever reached the Golden Five Star. And those transport ships are said to only transport the products of the rainforest mining industry, so where do these experts come from? But after all, there are only two masters on the other side, and the others should be ordinary soldiers who have been here for a long time and are familiar with jungle life. Therefore, although the front pathfinder was also destroyed a lot, but the news also proved that the other side also appeared casualties. As long as there are casualties, four thousand troops, but also afraid of grinding two hundred? Zhao Li's side, at best, car radiator cap ,Investment casting parts, is the two masters, as long as they are divided, the others are no problem. However, since the elite team of more than forty people are no match for the two, the colonel commander no longer sent people to provoke the two masters. In the group battle, two masters can play a role, it is too little, although it is important to kill the enemy, but it is more important to complete the main task. In the next few days, the task of Zhao Li and other soldiers was to keep harassing and harassing. Calculate the only way for the rebels, arrange a few small traps, or shoot far away, completely based on the tactics of delay, or even do not seek the effect of killing, just to make the enemy cautious every step. As a result, Zhao Li had no casualties except for a soldier's careless sprain. While harassing and retreating, the rebels seemed to have been following the route calculated by Zhao Li and Sanders, as if they were choosing the nearest route in order to achieve the fastest effect. Although the road was delayed by Zhao Li for almost three days, but still unswervingly along the route to kill. It was almost a day's journey from the mountain pass where Li Mengdie was stationed. Along the way, Zhao Li had added almost a hundred casualties to the rebels. However, this figure seems to be out of the question for the rebels. The colonel even sent a hundred men directly to camp all the wounded as they passed through an open area, while the others shook off the sick and wounded and hurried forward. Along the way and Li Mengdie's communication learned that the gunmen and several of their wounded had returned to their garrisoned positions smoothly. Moreover, the most happy thing for Zhao Li is that although the gunman lost too much blood, his life was successfully saved, and his body still needs to be nursed back to health for a period of time, and he can't move for the time being. This news makes Zhao Li happy a lot, other soldiers heard this good news, even harassment tactics, but also a little more spirit. The rebels also seemed to find from the map that the terrain of the mountain pass where Li Mengdie was stationed was dangerous, easy to defend and difficult to attack. With more than half a day to go, the rebels once again camped and rested on a large scale. This situation, let Zhao Li is very confused, is the other side also guessed, where he will set up a stick to the position? Just when Zhao Li was puzzled, a bad news suddenly came from Li Mengdie. Zhao Li, those guys of the Black Dragon Society, really have something to do with the rebels, at least a team of more than one thousand people, from behind us! Then, there was a burst of violent gunfire in the communicator. After a while, Li Mengdie spoke out again: "Don't worry. After we were informed that day, we were ready for both hands. These guys, don't think it's so easy to succeed!" Chapter 161-Black Dragon Night Attack. As expected, the Black Dragon Society was involved, and the last thing Zhao Li wanted happened. Previously, I always thought that the guy's words before he died were to disturb his mind, but out of caution,die casting parts, I still let Li Mengdie pay more attention to this side. It seems that this caution is still very necessary. It's strange that the soldier who has undergone special training knows such important information? Zhao Li never wanted to get any information from him, just to attract his teammates when he was alive. Unexpectedly, that guy was able to know this level of information.