Li Mozi said, "I've just thought about it, and I've probably figured it out.". You have developed a lot of technologies before, and if these technologies are transferred to other enterprises, they can help these enterprises quickly improve their technological level and occupy a local market. You are not strong enough to occupy all these markets, so just be a good person and let others occupy them. "We are all colleagues, and we should help each other." Lin Zhenhua said. Li Mozi waved his hand: "I haven't finished yet.". When you transfer technology, you also require the other party to pay you the technology transfer fee. This is equivalent to letting others make money for you, and you just need to reap the benefits. You need to invest in developing technology, but these investments are nothing compared to the returns you receive. Lin Zhenhua smiles without a word. Later generations have a saying that first-class enterprises make standards, second-class enterprises make brands, and third-class enterprises make products. Lin Zhenhua does not particularly agree with this statement, but he also admits that making standards and technology is indeed a very profitable thing. Hanhua has spent a lot of money on technology development before, and now it is the harvest season. However, Lin Zhenhua in the mouth or to say things a little crown, he said: "Director Li, words can not say so.". We collect these technology transfer fees for further development. The machine tool industry in our country should form an echelon. Most small and medium-sized enterprises, as the third echelon, mainly take the road of encircling the cities from the countryside,plastic bulk containers, so that foreign enterprises can not make money from the low-end market in China. Some large and medium-sized enterprises with certain strength, as the second echelon, can compete with foreign enterprises in the mid-end market. As for our Hanhua, it's better to be the first echelon with a thick skin. Our goal is the first-class level in the world. "Xiao Lin, although Professor Wu said just now that Vice Premier Tang did not mean to crave for greatness and success, it is really unreasonable for us to promise a big country without several products leading the world in the field of machine tools.". So, I still hope that our Hanhua Company can invest a little more in this area and hit the international frontier. What do you think? Li Mozi said to Lin Zhenhua in a somewhat pleading tone. This kind of thing, which is world-class,plastic pallet price, has a strong political achievement color. There are several world-class products in an industry, so the ministries and commissions in charge of the industry can also be arrogant when they go out. Of course, it is not excluded that there are some exotic ministries and commissions, which clearly have their own leading technology, but want to falsely accuse themselves, saying that their technology is immature, unsafe and so on, this kind of thing need not be said more. Li Mozi, as an official of the Machinery Commission, knew very well that if the Machinery Commission could not produce a few world-class products in machine tools, it would not be able to explain to the State Council. At the same time, he also knew that relying on Mao Shuihong's big mouth, if he wanted to produce first-class products by the end of this century, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, the possibility was even smaller than Mao Shuihong's meeting. Throughout the industry, the most promising product is Hanhua Machine Tool. Director Li, in fact, Mr. Lin has always attached great importance to technology development. We are currently investing heavily in the development of CNC heavy crankshaft cyclone cutting center. If we can succeed, we will be the third enterprise in the world to master this technology. The first two are Japanese and German enterprises. He Fei said to Li Mozi that the staff of Hanhua were more or less influenced by Lin Zhenhua, and they really took the director as an improper cadre. Otherwise, on this occasion, how can he speak as a middle-level cadre of an enterprise? He Fei said that the CNC heavy crankshaft whirlwind cutting center is absolutely the "most important tool of the country". This kind of cutting center can be used to process marine crankshafts with a weight of more than 200 tons, which makes up for the shortcoming that large marine crankshafts in China are totally dependent on imports. Prior to this, China's shipbuilding tonnage is small, and the demand for large marine crankshafts is small, and the gap between supply and demand is not obvious. In recent years, with the development of China's shipbuilding industry, especially the increasing construction of large ships of more than 100,000 tons, the phenomenon of ships waiting for engines and engines waiting for shafts has gradually become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's shipbuilding industry. At that time, the world's major manufacturers of large marine crankshafts were in Japan and South Korea, and it cost millions of dollars for China to import a marine crankshaft, and Japanese and South Korean suppliers could find various reasons to delay supply at any time, leading to the risk of default by Chinese shipbuilding enterprises. In this case, the earliest demand was put forward by Dongliao Shipyard, and Hanhua Machine Tool Company, together with metallurgical, forging and design enterprises, set up a large marine crankshaft project group, which is responsible for the development of smelting and heat treatment technology of high purity steel for crankshaft by metallurgical enterprises, and for forging enterprises to solve 200 tons of large forgings. The design department solves the problem of crankshaft design, while Hanhua Machine Tool Company is responsible for the research and development of crankshaft cutting machinery. Li Mozi must know something about the development of such large-scale equipment. Hearing He Fei's words, he nodded and said, "The boldness of your Hanhua is really admirable.". Our machine tool industry is going to make a turnaround, and our hopes are mainly pinned on you. He Fei said with a smile, "Director Li, if we want to make achievements in Hanhua, we can't do without the guidance and strong support of the Machinery Committee, so.." "He Fei, don't negotiate with Director Li casually." Lin Zhenhua interrupted He Fei's words. However, he opened his mouth and was more shameless than He Fei: "Director Li, I think the Machinery Committee should really give us some support." "Manager Lin, I'm afraid of you. Can I go now?" Li Mozi put on a look of grievance, picked up the plate and made a gesture to go, but his buttocks did not move. Lin Zhenhua, of course, hastened to make a gesture of detainment and said with a smile, "Director Li,plastic pallet manufacturer, don't be afraid. I have no intention of opening my mouth." "Well, tell me, what kind of support do you want the Machinery Commission to give you?" Li Mozi asked.