She drank a high degree of liquor and cried for a long time in the evening. She was so sleepy that she was half awake. She heard Xie Pingchuan say to her, "No, I've been here all the time." "Liar," said Xu Bai firmly. She slid down the sheet and hid in the duvet, showing only half of her face. Xie Pingchuan is thinking about Xu Bai's whole body, and the surface is still a sanctimonious look. He went to the door and turned off the bedroom light. "Go back to sleep. Call me if you need anything." I slept until midnight. Xu Bai woke up hungry. She finally came to her senses and sat on the bed with the quilt in her arms, probably because she had a good brain. Looking back on the conversation this evening, she remembered it all clearly. Including her explanation to Xie Pingchuan of the meaning of the micro-blog name "Xu Xiaobai D", as well as all kinds of tears and coquetry, these memories are like a soldering iron, deeply imprinted in my mind. And that sentence, Xie Pingchuan that sentence: "I treat you as a little princess." This sentence is like a poppy flower, which blooms warmly and luxuriantly, and grows crazily in an instant, covering Xu Bai's heart. She got out of bed and put her bare feet on the carpet. As soon as I stepped into the main hall, a voice came from the study: "Are you awake?" Xu Bai turned around and faced the study. "Yes, I just woke up." Xie Pingchuan pulled open the wooden door of the study and looked at her at the junction of light and shadow. He was dressed in family clothes, his collar was lower than usual, and he seemed to have just taken a bath-because Xu Bai came a few steps closer and smelled the smell of shower gel. Xu Bai looked inside the room and found that the lamp was still on: "Are you reading?" Xie Pingchuan let her in and replied, "I'm going to bed. It's almost twelve o'clock." He tidied up his desk and asked Xu Bai about his condition: "Do you want to eat or take a bath,ibc spill pallet, but without your clothes, you can only wear.." Before Xie Pingchuan had finished speaking, Xu Bai picked up a book and looked up at him: "Do I wear your clothes?" Her shyness was brief, so brief that it probably wasn't at all, and the next thing she said was, "Okay, I'm going to take a shower." Xie Pingchuan heard a meal. He took Xu Bai to the bedroom, opened a vertical wardrobe,ibc spill containment pallet, took a lot of clothes from it, and let Xu Bai choose one by himself. Xu Bai picked out a cotton T-shirt and made a gesture that just covered her buttocks. She carried the dress and asked casually, "Brother, don't you have a girlfriend?" Xie Pingchuan closed the door of the wardrobe. The light in the bedroom is also cool, the sheets and the quilt cover are dark gray, Xie Pingchuan stood in front of the wardrobe door, guess Xu liquor after sleeping, I am afraid I do not remember what happened at night. "No," he said carelessly. To his surprise, Xu Bai stood on tiptoe and secretly kissed his face: "Then you have it now." She said and ran away. Xie Pingchuan stood alone and heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom. He did not continue to sum up his clothes and clean up the room, although he had obsessive-compulsive disorder in this respect. Xie Pingchuan returned to the study. He felt that the bed in the bedroom was not big enough, and that it was his mistake to consider only a single bed. When Xu Bai finished taking a bath, wearing Xie Pingchuan's clothes, and slipped into the study to look for him, plastic pallet containers ,collapsible pallet bin, she saw Xie Pingchuan browsing the web, as if he was going to change a double bed. Xu Bai did not approach, she sat down at the piano. She probably understood the truth that "if you want to get Zhou Lang's attention, you should always brush the strings by mistake". Moments later, there was a piano sound in the study. Xu Bai played this song, or junior high school year to participate in the school anniversary, Xie Pingchuan once took her to practice the song section by section. But she played it off and on, not smoothly. Until Xie Pingchuan sat beside her. Xu Bai is still playing piano music, she deliberately played a few wrong syllables, Xie Pingchuan as before, stretched out his left hand to touch the keys, for her to correct the mistakes made. The two men's fingertips touched, and the sound of the piano never stopped. "Do you like me?" Asked Xu Bai. "Concentrate on your piano." Xie Pingchuan answered. But Xu Bai smiled: "You haven't changed at all." As they sat side by side on the piano stool, Xu Bai leaned toward him and said, "Brother, I miss you so much." The sound of the harp. Xu Bai continued to ask, "Have you ever dreamed of me?"? I always dream about you. Xie Pingchuan looked up slightly, his left hand still playing the piano. "At most one night, I may dream four times, because I wake up, wake up and sleep again.." Looking back on the past, Xu Bai had almost no reservations. "When I just woke up, I couldn't tell what was reality.". Do you think Freud has a point when he says that dreams are repressed desires? Her expression seemed to be euphemistic and direct. Before Xu Bai had finished speaking, Xie Pingchuan put his arms around her waist. His fingers moved up slowly, as if waiting for Xu Bai's response-but she didn't give any feedback. Xie Pingchuan's hand touched the back of her neck, and her fingertips went deep into her soft hair. She raised her chin obediently and noticed that Xie Pingchuan had lowered his head. The sound of the piano suddenly stopped. The piano stool was about one meter long, and Xu Bai dared not move. She felt his breath, tangled between her lips and teeth, inducing a palpitation of unknown depth when kissing-for the first time, she realized that he could be so gentle, her heart seemed to turn into a pool of water, rippling in the water, reflecting the moonlight outside the window. Chapter 23 Xu Bai did not know how long the kiss lasted. When she came to her senses, Xie Pingchuan had already let go of her, Xu Bai breathed slightly, his cheeks burned, and he thought that the strength of the wine had not disappeared, but his mind was very clear. Later, Xu Bai realized that it had nothing to do with drunkenness, but that she was too excited. "Can I kiss you every day?" She asked. Xie Pingchuan immediately promised: "Whatever you like, unlimited times." He picked up a strand of Xu Bai's hair and played with it twice between his fingers to ask her when she would move here. Now that the relationship has been made clear, it is better to live together, so that the time spent together can become longer. Xie Pingchuan stood up, took a key and handed it to Xu Bai: "This is the key of my house." He didn't ask directly. Because there are two kinds of replies to the question, agree or disagree,plastic pallet suppliers, instead of letting Xu Bai make a decision, it is better to let him prepare in advance. When Xu Bai received the key, he was stunned. "So fast." 。