Think of here, Lu Han is more and more suspicious, but now people are talkative, naturally not conducive to say more, "sit by yourself for a while, if someone provokes you, you do not directly make too stiff, after all, is someone else's marriage, too stiff is not good-looking." He Ling raised his eyebrows and felt that this was not Lu Han's style. Sure enough, Lu Han went on to say, "If you don't like it, when you go out, we'll find someone to beat you up. The father won't do anything to us because we beat people. The punishment is just to face the wall and think about it or copy books and fine silver. These are not the same thing." He Ling nodded, "In that case, I'll listen to you." When Mei Jiu approached, he heard them say this and came over to say hello with a smile. "Lord Lu and the princess are very affectionate.". Why doesn't the princess go over and see the bride? Speaking of this, He Ling looked at Mei Jiu with some wonder and asked, "I am a woman myself. What am I going to see the bride for? I don't have so much curiosity." Mei Jiu was stupefied for a moment. Then he shook his head and laughed. "It's the first time I've heard of such a saying," he said with a smile. Princess Lu is really different. Lu Han, regardless of the number of people, took the hand of He Ling. His eyes were full of pride. He said proudly, "Naturally, my wife, of course, is different. In fact, my vision has always been the best in Yongan City.". Look at the other princesses, they are not as young as our little bell, not as good-looking as our little bell, and not as smart as our little bells. Oh, of course, not just a few other princesses, even the daughters of other families, are not as good as ah! Lu Han is really not polite, so said, the scene suddenly quiet down, a piece of embarrassment. If say before and bell and Lu Han whisper in private others did not notice, but now is different, Mei Jiu came to accost, the line of sight of all naturally put over, but. What did they hear? Some of the older ones simply started cleaning their ears. They must have misheard. Even Mei Jiu was dull for a long time before he eased up. His face was pale and his smile was somewhat fragile. "Wang Ye is joking." Lu Han is serious, "I am not joking, my wife is the best.". You can compare with others casually. Look at Xie Sinong. He looks good, doesn't he? But the bell is smaller than ours. It's really heaven and earth. Look at that Su Fei again. Isn't she good? But it's not even as good as our little bell. Lu Han said more and more exaggerated, has been involved in the beginning of personal attacks. Mei Jiu stopped: "Oh, oh, you are right!"! Why don't we take our seats? Kind of changed the subject. Lu Han really refused, "I stand with the little bell for a while, take a seat or something, we can't sit together." It's really a couple's deep love. Of course If there is no Cheng Feng that thing, collapsible pallet box ,secondary containment pallet, we may also believe Lu Han's words, but, who does not know ah, Lu Han and Cheng Tanhua close relationship, not to say long-term, said a few days ago, two people also hand in hand in the street show love! This is only the past few days, ah, and pull another show of love, Lu Wang Ye this person, is really too unreliable. King Mu looked aside and said with a sneer, "Han Mu and his younger brother and sister are really newlyweds.". Oh, by the way, why didn't I see Cheng Tanhua today! In the past, you and Cheng Tanhua are Meng never leave Jiao, Jiao never leave Meng. It's gone today. This is a typical looking for trouble, but Lu Han is not that easy to bully, he smiled: "Xie Prime Minister did not invite Cheng Feng, Cheng Feng naturally will not come uninvited.". Don't you need a gift when you come? It's better not to invite, and no one is stupid! Cheng Feng, a poor scholar, is in my house to do a help, and can earn a few money, but not as much as the eldest brother's private business, the number of money can be thrown on the street to play. Lu Han suddenly found that since he had mixed up with the bell, his irritating kung fu was really growing day by day. Look, Mu Wang's face had been turned into a pig's liver color, and he was about to faint in the next moment. He is kind: "eldest brother, you this is how?"? Don't be uncomfortable, right? If you are not in good health, you should rest more and take good care of yourself. If you faint on the wedding day, what do you want them to think? Isn't this destroying their good days? You can't do such a thing, or people will stab you in the back and say you are wicked. Of course, I know the eldest brother's original intention is not to destroy the marriage, but, can not stand people's words are awesome ah! He Ling said lightly, "That's what you said. The eldest brother is such a person. Even if he is really uncomfortable, the eldest brother can insist on fainting or something. He is not a big girl. Can he faint all of a sudden?" This seems to be a solution, but. That sounds so weird! Seeing that the couple's fighting capacity had already exploded, some people began to silently warn themselves not to provoke Lu Wang Ye and Princess Lu casually, they did not hurt people with dirty words. We are all princes. I don't have any private business. I don't like what you say. Mu Wang Ye soon came to his senses and immediately retorted, "You came to my house before, and I didn't have money to make up for a lot of things!" He Ling looked at Lu Han in surprise and then said, "Look at you. Even if you know that your eldest brother will do nothing to save you, you can't make trouble like this. We only have witnesses and no material evidence. Who knows if there are several families United to frame your eldest brother?"! Besides, if you don't go directly to your father for such a thing, why do you go to your eldest brother's house. Look, it's hard for Big Brother. After a pause, He Ling added, "Yes, brother, I heard that your Fumanlou in the east of the city has been doing a lot of business recently. Can your cook lend me a few days?"? I really like the taste of Fumanlou. He Ling's words were so deep and shallow that they really made the face of Lord Mu crackle. You say you are innocent, but there are several testimonies against you. What do you think of this! You said you had no money, so all the money in Fumanlou was thrown into the water! "Fumanlou is your sister-in-law's dowry." Before Lord Mu could refuse,plastic pallet bins, He Ling said, "So you can't make decisions for your sister-in-law!" The little eyes glanced up and down, almost brightly saying that Lord Mu was henpecked.