One side of the Pang mother carefully observed, will like flowers and plants of the girl is generally kind, although this girl looks cool and gorgeous, but at the moment the eyes are so gentle, not like a spoiled daughter, and the original impression is not the same. She thought, this daughter-in-law should be good, but. His son had a deep prejudice against him, and Pang's mother could not help worrying. In the days to come, I hope everything will be calm, she prayed. In fact, it is not difficult to be a young grandmother of the Pang family. To be honest, it is quite easy. This is the feeling of Qijun in the first week of the Pang family. Although she was married, she was the only one sleeping alone in the huge bedroom, and she was very relaxed. That husband, it seems that his name is Pang Xiao. He can't see each other for two or three days. He doesn't go out to work before dawn. At night, he waits for her to fall asleep before returning to the study to rest. The comfortable big bed is all given to her. Her husband is really good. Flipping at the rose petals in the vase, which my mother-in-law cut from the garden and gave to me,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, she spent her days here very well. When she got up in the morning, she would go for a walk in the yard or spend the whole day with flowers and plants in the greenhouse. Thinking of the greenhouse, she suddenly remembered that she had promised her mother-in-law to help her arrange the roses in the greenhouse, so she put on her coat and went out of the house. When she was about to approach the greenhouse, she accidentally ran into a picture that she shouldn't have broken into. A magnificent woman was now looking pitifully at the man in front of her, her face covered with sad tears, and the man with tears in her eyes was her husband,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Pang Xiao, whom she could not see every other day. Cindy, don't cry. I feel sorry for you. Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate it. "The big master shouldn't force you to marry, you don't love that, when I think of your grievance, I." I was so sad. As he spoke, tears flowed down again. Pang Xiao frowned at her, Cindy is the housekeeper's daughter, grew up with him, can be said to be a childhood friend, and other people also fight for him, but do not need to cry so exaggerated? "Stop crying," he said soothingly. Didn't you come here to tell me something? "Yes." She murmured, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, dabbing at her tears. Although you are forced to get married, you can't go on for a lifetime, and you can't always be blank in your feelings. "Marriage is just a contract. Marriage can't bind me." Cindy chimed in with delight. Yeah! Your heart is still free, you can still fall in love, you should have someone who understands you, cooperates with you and understands your needs, instead of being trapped by the wooden beauty who doesn't understand all your life! Pang Xiao raised his eyebrows and was puzzled by Xin Dai's attitude. You want to say? "Xiao, you should treat me to you." Cindy show her adoration in her eyes. Cindy.. Pang Hsiao looked embarrassed. He was not completely unaware of Cindy's feelings for her, but he had always treated her as a sister. Qi Jun can not see the back to Pang Xiao is what expression, only at the moment peep at people talking about love is not appropriate! He wanted to turn around and leave quietly, but he was caught by the branches and leaves of the bushes and made a noise on his skirt. Suddenly, the two men turned to look at the voice in surprise. Pang Xiao looked at Qi Jun in surprise, and she was stunned by the unexpected scene. Time seemed to stop here. Slowly, Pang Xiao's surprised expression gradually turned to be cold. His eyes flashed with inviolable vigilance. He asked coldly, "Are you here to do it?" Qijun felt a chill on her back, and her eyes were so cold that she trembled unconsciously. She looked away, but connected with the eyes of the woman beside him. The woman also looked at her warily, with the same air of resentment. Yes! She was disturbing them and destroying their privacy, so both of them stared back at her with unkind eyes. It seemed necessary for her to explain that she didn't mean it. I went to the greenhouse to help my mother arrange flowers. She answered in a friendly way. Xiao.. Cindy leaned against Pang Xiao's arms and said helplessly. If she complains to the big master, I'm afraid the big master will expel me and my parents. As he spoke, tears flowed down again, which made people love him. Don't worry, we didn't do it, and besides, she wouldn't dare! The last three words said hard and merciless, with cold eyes on it, Qijun trembled lightly. She knew early that he did not like her, but he did not already like, did not expect that she inexplicably became involved in other people's third party's bad. I'm sorry to disturb you. Qijun turned around and left quickly. When she was far away, Pang Xiao moved Cindy's body, and just then he stopped Cindy's inappropriate intimacy, just because he also wanted Qijun to see this side, which was revenge! "Xiao, as long as you nod, I am willing to commit myself to you and be a mistress to satisfy you." She looked at him hopefully. Pang Xiao said sternly, "Thank you for your kindness to me, but I have always treated you as a sister." "You don't like me?" "You are very beautiful and generous, but we are only brother and sister." "Just now you stopped me from leaning on your arms." "That's a play!" He declared. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. It won't happen again. Pang Xiao turned and left, leaving the palpitating Cindy standing in the garden. Qijun went back to the bedroom and sat by the window panting. She almost ran back. Somehow, she was afraid to see his cold eyes, which made her breathless. Without a few breaths,brushed stainless steel sheet, Pang Xiao also came in. Qi Jun turned around to meet his deep eyes under his thick eyebrows. They looked at each other in silence. After a long time, Pang Xiao finally opened his mouth lightly and said: "This marriage was originally built on political interests. I said that marrying you is not what I want. Emotional things can not be forced. I hope you can understand." "I understand." Qijun answered. Pang Xiao paused, and suddenly she was so rational and calm that she looked at her with suspicion.