Charlemagne then prepared for God's walking stick village to build a road to the city of wall, asked the road contractor, actually twenty thousand gold coins will be capped, so Charlemagne planned to invest thirty thousand gold coins, to help the village where he was born to build a super luxury can pass the road of heavy handling of Warcraft, but these things do not need him personally. He only said to the old man, "Just give me the money," he said. Charlemagne took out a gold card worth one hundred thousand gold coins and threw it to Hilaien. "Please ask your elf gardeners to help our village beautify the environment, build some public facilities, and decorate the houses of the villagers, so that the broken houses will not be out of harmony with the surrounding environment." Hilaian was so angry that his beard curled up. "What do you take us elves for, coolies?" He snorted. Charlemagne smiled faintly and said, "I'll give you the money. You can do whatever you want. If you elves are only used to pointing fingers, I have no objection. In the end, I can see that God's walking stick village has changed a lot." With money, Charlemagne suddenly found that when he did things, he would not think about money at all, nor would he care about the details, but only wanted the final result, so he finally understood that when Hillaine rebuilt his house in the first place, the people below would be tired and half dead, and his head would be smoking with anger. Hey, this time it's the old man's turn to smoke on his head. Chapter 97 of the main text (2) Overnight wealth, inevitably some people are jealous, some people are jealous, once again came to the trainer's guild, Charlemagne found that every professional girl who saw him showed that kind of vulgar smile, coquettish posture trying to attract his attention. When I went to see Sophie, I met Vera. She said sourly, "Oh, the rich man is coming. Did you bring me a gift?" Charlemagne took out a silver ring and put it in his hand. At first,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, Vera's face changed and she wanted to throw it away, but when she saw it, her face changed again. The top of the ring was a big diamond, shining brightly, which destroyed all her pride and self-esteem in an instant. Vera was embarrassed and her heart beat like a deer slowly clenched the diamond. Charlemagne looked at her like that and smiled. He turned and walked away. Behind him came Vera's voice: "Hello, Charlemagne …" Why bother? It's just a diamond ring, Charlemagne thought to himself. "You don't want to give something back because of such a thing." When I opened the door of Sophie's office, I saw Sophie propping up her jaw with her hand, thinking about it, and her face was quiet. Charlemagne approached softly, went around behind Sophie, and slowly hugged her. Sophie shuddered and then softened as she smelled the familiar smell of manliness, holding Charlemagne's head in her backhand and tilting her face back, so Charlemagne tasted her cherry lips to his heart's content. After a long time, the two men loosened up, but Sophie was not as dizzy as she used to be. Instead, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, she said dejectedly, "Brother, the transfer order has come down. I'm leaving. There are still seven days to hand over my authority. I'm going to report to the Oketena Trainer's Guild.." So that's my dream. Charlemagne was in a daze and didn't say anything, but he took out a crystal stone from his clothes, which seemed to be transparent but could never be seen through, and held it in front of her eyes like that: "You see.." It's yours. Sophie's heart suddenly beat so big that she could hardly believe her eyes. In an instant, she cried, grasped the spar and hugged Charlemagne tightly, and continued to cry. Charlemagne shook his head. Isn't it a stone of the Yellow Dragon? As for?.. Sometimes even he felt strange in his heart after becoming rich suddenly, as if he was willing to use up the wealth in a few moments. But Sophie did not let him go, continued to entangle, a pair of jade arms wrapped around his neck again, wet fragrant tongue rolling in his mouth, a jade hand moving everywhere. Soon, after a stuffy snort, Charlemagne's face turned red like fire, and Sophie looked like she had the intention of playing with herself in this office. Sister, stop. No more. "No, what did you say last time." "Oh.." Here Suddenly Charlemagne stopped talking and stared stupidly at Sophie bending coquettishly, twisting her body lightly, and soon a small lace underpants, with a strange fragrance, went straight under his nose. Charlemagne remembered his promise, and for a moment his mind was blank, only to feel Sophie kissing his chin, and the strange, flexible and tender tongue, wet and itchy, slowly moving down. His flame had rushed to the tip of his hair and turned into mist and steamed up. Sophie mischievously stretched out the tip of her tongue, gently picked it, and immediately Charlemagne exclaimed, trying to pull her up, but suddenly felt warm and moist to surround herself, and then only the feeling of constantly beating the shore like water, the soul was flying.. It was inevitable that the storm would come suddenly, and Charlemagne could not calm down in the face of that strange heat and humidity, so he could only hear Sophie's moan as if she had died, a trace of sweet and crisp voice, if balanced by the violent sounds of nature, which clung softly to his heart like a ribbon, and as long as he moved, he would tighten the leaves of his heart. Buckle into the heartstrings endlessly. Charlemagne felt strangled to death, unable to hold anything else except sweetness, while Sophie's body seemed to be slowly enlarged, especially the abundant and upright parts, which were infinitely enlarged, and finally all the passion and fury gushed out, leaving only the sound of breathing and the quiet and sweet beating of resonance.. When he took Sophie's little hand to see the rabbits again, Charlemagne felt that the lovely rabbits were all so annoying, while Sophie around him acted like a spoiled child from time to time, gave sweet kisses again and again,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and then wrapped around him, kept asking this and that, even why the rabbits were so white. "How should I know?" Said Charlemagne fiercely. 。