This damn guy! Chisalor! Apart from this abominable fellow, no one can attack her so easily! Ming Dang looked up angrily from the other side's solid embrace, and sure enough, he saw a sweet face that was no stranger: Under the majestic and solemn sky-blue gold-rimmed cap, a touch of red hair was exposed, and where the hair was flying lightly, there were two pure baby blue eyes with faint tears. This glance thoroughly recognized the identity of the man, Ming Dang immediately shook his fist, strong against his shoulder, stable posture squint at each other's obviously surprised and happy face, and spoke grumpily: "Don't you know that when you see an officer, you must salute first?" "Knowing is knowing." Forced to pull away, staring deeply at the woman's pink cheeks, Laure forced a smile back, full of grievances: "But who told the officer to leave without any news, so that Laure dreamed day and night, and wanted to die all day long?" The man is half is frivolous half is earnest tone, immediately provokes the person around to wait for a burst of coincidental chuckle, among them not without urge evil meaning. Nonsense! Ming Dang was furious, at this time was the other side of the ambiguous words to remind, think of once carelessly and subordinates beyond the relationship to go to bed, the heart is more hate, speaking has raised a foot to kick the past. Unexpectedly, as soon as she raised her foot, the other party quickly put away the sweet smile at the corners of his mouth,tape measure clip, his face was solemn and serious, and with a snap of his legs standing straight together, his left hand raised to his forehead, he gave her an impeccable standard military salute, and said in a public voice: "Laure has seen the officer!"! Chishalor, the second deputy head of the tour group of the Buchoya Empire, was ordered by the Empress to report to the head of the tour group, Your Excellency, Princess Zhu Mingzang!!! "All right, all right!" At this point,Wheel tape measure, can't avoid oneself suddenly become the corridor of the people's line of sight intertwined with each other in the center of the focus, Ming Dang can't help but begin to headache, whether it is the exit or hand or even out of the foot to stop, all too late, had to be impatient to stop the foot, turned around and pulled up a star rope a cold palm, lined up all to the princess compartment step, by the way to Luoer ear clear whisper: "This is Bu Xing Restaurant, not a place to talk about business. You don't see me now." "Sir!"! Where are you going? Do you have anything urgent to do? Although Laure heard the woman's words clearly, he was too hasty to understand what she meant, so he had to chase after her and ask in amazement, but his eyes could not help looking at the man in the woman's hand. The other side with a sky-blue long version of the silk scarf closely around the neck, strictly cover the face, pure black strength under the short windbreaker, with the same color of tight pants, feet in a pair of hand-made fine lace-up short boots, this person's original well-proportioned figure appears more unusually slender and straight. The other side has been very silent, Fiberglass tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, although always standing at the side of the woman not far away, but did not say half a word. What else can you do when you come to a restaurant besides eating? Ming Dang answered, and in a flash he reached the door of the princess's private room, pointing to the big head doll-shaped self-service terminal set up at the door, and pressing out a series of order passwords. Two mahogany doors, carved with a vermilion jasmine in full bloom in the center, opened silently, and two male waiters with comely faces came forward with smiling faces: "Welcome!" Noticing Laure's very careful scrutiny of his eyes, the star suddenly turned around and raised two rows of cold and drooping long velvet eyelashes. Through the soft silk scarf, a pair of green eyes covered with ice and snow for thousands of years under the dense and numb eyelashes, he quietly threw two unknown elite cold rays at the four-star Imperial Barbie General. These eyes! So cold to the bone, but full of all kinds of seductive amorous feelings (especially for his superior)! How could he forget? The moment he recognized Scott's star, Laure was taken aback, suddenly feeling a burst of pain in his throat, and an unknown surge of anger. Besides, Ming Dang pulled Xing Suo into the private room, and when His Royal Highness stepped into the door with one foot, he stepped outside the door with the other foot and refused to enter with her. Ming Dang pulled a pull, the star cable still insisted on not moving, she had to temporarily turn around, immediately subtle to capture the strange atmosphere flowing quietly between the two men. That's not good! Ming Dang sighed silently and, uncharacteristically, gave Laure a dark and charming look that was both gentle and threatening, hinting that he would contact him later, and that if he dared to influence her meal, he would never forgive her lightly! "Sir!"! I'm in the Red Knight Room. Please call me if you need anything. Satisfied to hear Laure's straightforward reply, Ming Dang smiled and nodded, and then smoothly pulled the prince into the private room. Ordered four military police guard in the princess room, the first door. The two men sat in the second door, at a round table with a triangular bracket, and began to order. Ming Dang was going to ask Xing Suo for advice, but no matter what she asked him what he wanted to eat or drink, Xing Suo tightened his lips and refused to speak. The little prince did not say a word, but frowned coldly and arrogantly, which made him a little angry. She had no choice but to take the initiative, according to the recommended style on the menu, ordered the shop's famous tomato steak, bright yellow fried eggs, sauce rice, borscht clear soup, Sarah and so on, as well as a bottle of century-old red wine. Princess room is not very big, and the general luxury room is different, the layout is still quiet, delicate, warm. The room is equipped with a temperature controller, a clock-like time adjustment system, a large screen hanging self-service pay TV, a square low tea table with bright flower arrangement, in addition to a four-seat wooden round dining table and chair for eating, there are four fabric sofas for guests to rest for single, double and three people, as well as a classical imperial concubine couch with a high-grade swan velvet surface. The width and length of the two pure white soft pillows standing side by side on the couch, as well as the delicate lotus candlesticks set up high on both sides of the imperial concubine's couch, shone with a faint circle of light, which made Ming Dang wonder that it was like a double bed that silently beckoned lovers to play wantonly. When all the food was served,Walking measuring wheel, Ming Dang drank back the waiter and slowly settled down in the princess's private room where only two people were alone, trying to get the little prince to eat and talk. There were no more outsiders. Ming Dang first set the clock-like time adjustment system to seven o'clock in the evening. The pure light as bright as the sun soon disappeared from the room, and the stars suddenly became dark and blurred.