"Are those girls as beautiful as me?" Asked Bai Xingli. “……” "Third Brother, you have to tell the truth." She looked at him so earnestly with a pair of big eyes like colored glaze, close at hand, and Ye Xiaoling could not dodge, so she had to answer reluctantly. No "Then the third brother will have to accompany me through this dance." She laughed and said, "Just now the third brother said that he was the Pope and I was the fairy godmother. We are quite suitable." Ye Xiaoling was excited all over: "Who is quite suitable for you?" "It doesn't matter if it's inappropriate. Anyway, let's finish the dance first." “……” The music was melodious, and the number of students entering the dance floor in pairs gradually increased. Ye Xiaoling hesitated. So many people watching, if he does not dance directly away, it is estimated that he will be regarded as a deserter, may also be cheap Tan Yu that boy. What's more. Look at the way Bai Xingli hides a knife in his smile. If he dares to stand her up, she may lift her skirt and perform Brazilian jujitsu on the spot. It's not that he's afraid of beating her, but when people dance and he fights, he loses face. Forget it. Forget it. Thinking of this, he immediately put on a righteous expression and reached out to embrace Bai Xingli's waist. Be careful not to step on my foot. "Don't worry, third brother, although I can't compare with you, the Dragon City Dance King,Fish measuring board, my dancing skills are also qualified." "Humph." Two people embrace each other to dance, skirt, elegant rotation in the middle of the dance floor, handsome men and beautiful women, forming a very bright landscape. Yang Xuan took Ye Jialang's shoulder and sincerely sighed with emotion: "It's really a good match. Why didn't I find them so well matched before?"? "I think Brother Xiao is sure to be interested in Bai Xingli, but his mouth is hard." Ye Jialang Hei Hei smiled: "That is, my elder brother can be arrogant,Pi tape measure, some things will not be admitted, so I have to be the younger brother's assistant." "I think he hugs people's waists beautifully." Wei Sangyu, holding a lollipop in his mouth, disdained to sneer. "He said he hated people and wanted to drive them away, but his body was more honest than anyone else. Bah." "After this dance, it's like being caught by us. I don't think my brother will dare to speak ill of Sister Ali in the future." Yang Xuan took out his cell phone and silently took a few pictures: "This important gossip material should be kept for a rainy day." "Brother Xuan is considerate." "I'm flattered." Ye Xiaoling certainly did not know what these people were talking about, and his mood at the moment was rather complicated. The fragrance of jasmine and citrus on Bai Xingli's body lingered on the tip of his nose for a while. Her dance steps were flexible and light, and her long hair was flowing when she rotated. A few wisps brushed his cheeks, like the beautiful slow motion in the movie. There are few girls who can dance so well with him. This girl can really do everything very well. Stop, don't have such a wrong idea, don't fall into her honey trap! "Third Brother." The sudden call startled Ye Xiaoling, who was lost in thought: "Ah?"? What's the matter? Bai Xingli looked up at him and smiled. "Are you shy?" “…… Who the *** is shy? Don't talk nonsense. "Then your ears are red and hot?" He glared at her. "So much nonsense?"? Will you jump or not? Unexpectedly, after saying these words, Adhesive fish ruler ,horse weight tape, he was distracted for a moment and made a rare mistake in his dance steps, causing Bai Xingli to step forward and almost step on his foot. Even if she stopped, she leaned back, her center of gravity was out of balance, and she was about to fall. At the critical moment, Ye Xiaoling reacted very quickly and bent over to hold her waist firmly in an instant. The song is over. The crowd dispersed, and the two men, still in this graceful but awkward pose, looked at each other in the middle of the dance floor. Until Bai Xingli first reacted, she was silent for a long time, raised her finger, and carefully touched Ye Xiaoling's shoulder. Third brother, is it almost all right? Everyone is watching. “……” Sure enough, there was no music, the scene was quiet, everyone held their breath, seemingly serious, but actually excited to watch the scene. The third young master of the Ye family never took part in this kind of collective activity. He came here for the first time tonight and even took the initiative to dance? Who is this girl who dares to have an affair with him? Aware of those excessively hot eyes, Ye Xiaoling was so uncomfortable that she immediately decided to let go of her hand, but before Bai Xingli could stand firm, she subconsciously grabbed his collar, which brought the distance between them closer. ……” He gritted his teeth and whispered a warning. "Are you finished?"? Don't you think I'm ashamed enough? Bai Xingli tidied up her skirt with one hand. Then she took a step back slowly. She seemed to smile: "Didn't you dance the wrong step first, third brother?"? The Dragon City Dance King should bear the consequences for his mistakes. “……” "But I still want to thank my third brother for giving me a wonderful and unforgettable night." With a straight face, Ye Xiaoling turned his head with a cold hum: "This is a bad night for me." Her smile is deeper: "Three elder brothers words don't say too full, perhaps one day in the future you recall, will feel this night is particularly precious." Then she stepped on the high-heeled shoes lightly, as if she had practiced Lingbo micro-step, and ran to Wei Sangyu not far away. Ye Jialang and Yang Xuan, one left and one right, approached Ye Xiaoling with a smile. Brother, I haven't seen you dance for a long time. You are not old. "Yes, I guess brother Xiao, your last mistake must have been intentional, in order to get closer to Bai Xingli, right?"? It turns out that you are the master of picking up girls. “……” Ye Xiaoling pushed away the heads of the two men at the same time and roared angrily. Get out of here! As the saying goes, the neck of autumn is short, and when the chill deepens day by day, winter comes quietly. December's monthly exam results, Bai Xingli and Ye Jialang's results are excellent, only Ye Xiaoling maintained the same, and even regressed a few. That night,Horse weight lbs, Bai Xingli sat cross-legged on the sofa and finally put down his cell phone after talking on the phone with his second brother Ye Si for more than half an hour. Ye Jialang handed her a bag of potato chips and asked curiously, "Sister Ali, what's the matter with my second brother?" 。 tapemeasure.net