Wood thunder palm print a knot, a big blue palm Gang suddenly appeared, this time, Zang Tianji fully display, this blue giant palm, compared to just now, nearly half bigger, power doubled. The sky around ten thousand feet, suddenly a dark, heaven and earth change color, suddenly dark clouds burst, turbulent more than, countless days of thunder and lightning split out, snap fingers, wood thunder seal has been turned into, a huge thunder and lightning palm Gang, fiercely to the turtle manager patted the past. Powerful, compared to just now, win three points. Thunder and lightning palm Gang across the light curtain, rumbling thunder, endless, a palm clap, burst out of light, compared with heaven and earth, eclipsed. The power of a palm was so strong that the Tibetan monks all cheered. No true face, is overjoyed, only feel that it is wise to take refuge in Zang Tianji, even if Gu Chen has a big adventure, compared to Zang Tianji, it must be much worse. Thinking that Gu Chen would soon die at the hands of the hidden secret, and that he could see Gu Chen's death with his own eyes, Wu Zhen was so happy that he shouted: "Gu Chen, you are going to die, ha ha.." Follow the prince, there is a way out, you, all have to die. As soon as Gu Chen's lips turned up,endless swimming pool, he gave a sneer and said, "Wuzhen is a running dog. Is that all you pursue?"? Unfortunately, even if you're a dog, you're following the wrong master. "Hide the secret, none of you can escape today, you." All must die! Looking at the thunder and lightning giant palm clapping, Gu Chen was not in a hurry. As he spoke, Gu Chen clenched his fists with both hands and put his body in a strange posture. His fists were imprinted, and he hit forward fiercely. He shouted: "Hide the secret of heaven, are you capable?" As soon as Gu Chen's voice fell, King Kong's magic fist blasted out, and suddenly, a fist of nearly two thousand feet in size,endless pool factory, slammed out fiercely, and blasted the wooden thunder seal that hid the secret of heaven-on the giant palm of thunder and lightning. This fist, compared with the fist just now, is nearly twice as large in size, and its strength is doubled. Just now, Gu Chen was just a random punch, but this time, he was well prepared and used 90% of his strength. Boom. An explosion, Gu Chen's fist Gang, compared to the hidden secret of wood thunder seal, more than half bigger, fist palm relative, like a baby's palm, to an adult's fist. Once again, the wooden thunder seal was blown to pieces, and the thunder in the sky, like a long snake waving, drifted away in the air. Gu Chen's fists, castrated, did not weaken at all, and continued to blow forward. A round of confrontation, winning or losing points, although the hidden secret of the wood thunder seal is extremely powerful, but, in front of Gu Chen's fist Gang, simply vulnerable. Zang Tian Ji is only the cultivation in the middle period of Ling Ying. Although he has the supreme learning, garden jacuzzi tub ,Chinese spa manufacturer, he can compare with the cultivation in the early period of Jieshe. Moreover, he has the body of Tongxuan Ling, which can compete with the monks in the middle period of Jieshe. Therefore, he can compete with Nantian Taoist. However, Gu Chen's cultivation at the moment has far exceeded that of the Southern Heaven Taoist, and has reached the later stage of seizing the house. How can it be compared with the Tibetan Heaven's ability? Vajra Divine Fist is also a unique Buddhist learning, which is not much different from the Five Elements Divergent Seal of the Tibetan. Zang Tianji only learned the seal of wood and thunder, one of the seals of the five elements, which is far from the strength of Gu Chen. The Tibetan monks, one by one, were dumbfounded. Even Huang Yao Xian, Dao Jiutian, and Gui Zongguan, their eyes were full of disbelief, but there was no truth. In an instant, they were like falling into stagnant water, and there was no blood on their faces. Only Xiaobai is quite confident about Gu Chen's strength. Looked at that huge fist Gang, like a giant mountain pressure from the top, hidden in the eyes of surprise constantly, he never thought, Gu Chen was so strong? He tried his best to split out the wooden thunder seal, which was easily smashed by the other side! In a hurry, a magic weapon of the best defense, from the hidden secret flying out of the eyebrows, into the size of a hundred Zhangs, block the front. Boom. A loud explosion, the fist Gang dissipated, the body of the hidden secret, far out of the hundred feet, before stopping the body, at the foot of the golden elixir late Qinglong, suddenly a scream, fell down from the air. Acura defense magic weapon, although blocked the fist gang, but the fist gang does not refer to gang, flying sword magic weapon attack, a very small range of powerful attack, fist gang attack, mainly the power of the shock, even the best magic weapon can not stop, this powerful shock force. Although Zang Tianji withstood the force of the shock, the blue dragon at his feet was killed by the force of the shock in an instant. No true body a soft, the soul in the heart is frightened, if hide day machine defeat, he is really can't think of any way, can escape from the ancient Chen hand. Cang Tianji had just stopped his body, and the best magic weapon was still in the air in front of Baizhang, blocking between him and Gu Chen. Suddenly, however, there was a flash of light on the right side, and Gu Chen's body, which seemed to move in an instant, suddenly crossed the magic weapon and appeared more than a hundred feet away from the right side of the hidden celestial machine. The startled immortal pointed a little forward, and a hundred feet long finger Gang hit the hidden celestial machine in an instant. Guchen behind the flash sky wind wing, up to a hundred feet wide, block the sun, just a moment, it is the use of flash sky wind wing similar to the speed of teleportation, directly over the best defensive magic weapon of the hidden sky. The monks opened their eyes wide and never thought that the battle between Zang Tianji and Gu Chen would end so soon. Anyone could see that the finger was so strong that even if the monk was hit, he would be either dead or seriously injured. At this moment, the body of the hidden secret, suddenly burst out ten thousand feet of light, a giant tripod suddenly appeared, hundred Zhang refers to Gang hit the giant tripod, no trace left, suddenly disappeared. Looking at the huge tripod, Gu Chen's face changed greatly and he exclaimed, "Taixu Fairy Tripod?" Chapter seventy-seven Ding Tian Jue appears Taixu Ding.. Gu Chen's previous life, hard to find hundreds of years of Taixu Ding, unexpectedly hidden on the body of Tianji, this is called how Gu Chen is not surprised? Gu Chen got the "Ding Tian Zhan Di Jue", only the first volume, the law decided to practice to the life of the primordial spirit period, then came to an end, so, Gu Chen's previous life practice, then stopped here, throughout his life, did not break through the barrier of the primordial spirit period. Ding Tian Zhan Di Jue,hot tub wholesale, the upper part is Ding Tian Jue, which is about the method of cultivating the soul of a monk, and the lower part is the method of cultivating the body of a monk after he steps into the primordial spirit period. And the way to practice after stepping into the void. monalisa.com