Cheng Liao hugged his mother: "Mom, I will never blame you.". After my father left, you are yourself. The fate of mother and son will be implicated for a lifetime, but I will not be implicated for a lifetime. You have a new and better life to live, and I will grow up. It's only a small step ahead now. Li Zhixiang tilted her head on Cheng Liao's shoulder, just like the day she heard the news of Cheng Yong's death. But only then did she realize that the once thin shoulders of the people did not know when they were wide. Once when I held her, I stretched my arms, which were not enough, strong and gentle. It turns out that Cheng Liao grew up so fast. However, she suddenly remembered that today is Children's Day. At this time last year, she also prepared gifts for him. This year, the middle school did not celebrate Children's Day, and she forgot it. It was in the time she had forgotten that Cheng Liao grew up quietly. She wanted to tie him to her all her life, to prepare three meals for him every day, to see him get married, to see him have children and grandchildren, and not to say anything about living their own lives. But she looked at Cheng Liao through tears and found that Cheng Liao was different from her memory. In the past two years, she was like a donkey, turning around every day, pulling two people's lives forward. This year, they were busy studying and starting a new life. She hasn't seen Cheng Liao well for a long time. Cheng Liao's baby fat did not know when to disappear, changed into a teenager not very clear edges and corners. "I have no way to contradict him," she thought. After the final exam, Cheng Liao called his uncle Cheng Wen for a long time. When Cheng Wen was born,hot tub manufacturers, his mother died of dystocia, and his father drank, gambled and was in debt. It was said that he was beaten to death. At that time, Cheng Yong was only eleven or twelve years old, and the half-grown child was dragging a baby who did not know anything except hunger and crying, and had never thought of throwing him away. Cheng Wen may be due to the birth of a dangerous dystocia, and did not drink breast milk, there is no nutritional supplement, weak and sick from an early age,outdoor endless pool, shoulder can not resist the hand can not lift, walk 100 meters on the breath. In order to support him, Cheng Yong did all kinds of work and suffered all kinds of hardships, but he never missed him a little. The only useful thing about Cheng Wen is that he is good at learning, especially math. His brother was very happy and worked hard to make money to keep him reading. But because of him, none of the girls I talked to said yes. Later, Cheng Yong was twenty years old, which was really a big problem, but probably because of the accumulated virtue, Li Zhixiang had a predestined relationship with him, and did not dislike him, and they finally got married. Before getting married, Cheng Wen asked to move out in order to avoid suspicion. And at that time, there was an official grain market, which was recruiting accountants. Seeing that Cheng Wen's figures were good, he used him and provided accommodation. Cheng Wen dropped out of school and moved to the market. When Cheng Liao was growing up, China spa factory ,outdoor spa manufacturers, he only knew that his uncle, who did not like to talk, did not often come to their home, probably because he was afraid of the melon fields. But every time I come here, I find a tricycle to pull a lot of things to eat. Cheng Liao called him this time in order to go back to the registered permanent residence and contact the county middle school. When he came here, in order to go to school, his registered permanent residence fell on Wu Congshan's book. Now he goes back to school and needs to move back. Cheng Wen is the only one in the Cheng family. And this kind of halfway transfer, but also to find acquaintances to run the relationship for him. Cheng Liao accompanied his mother for half a summer vacation and had to leave. In order to reassure Li Zhixiang, Wu Congshan drove Cheng Liao home by long-distance bus. Nothing seems to have changed in the courtyard. When he arrived, it was time for dinner. The smell of every house in the courtyard was coming out, and the smoke of cooking had not yet dispersed, lingering on the roof. Even the corner above the gate of the courtyard, which had fallen off when he left, had not yet been filled. His uncle found someone to clean the rooms in their house and cooked a meal for them. Lin Yidao's grandmother heard the noise and was really surprised when she saw Cheng Liao. She came to hold his hand and looked at Cheng Liao. She was very happy. Little Cheng Liao, Xiaowen said you wanted to come back, but grandma didn't believe it. She has grown taller and changed her appearance, but she is still Grandma's precious little Cheng Liao. Grandma's home will be your home in the future, ah. Cheng Liao is not stingy to give grandma a hug, grandma has always had a very good smell, may be perennial to the temple to burn incense contaminated by the smell of incense, reassuring. After settling down, Cheng Liao asked his uncle to move from the dormitory of the grain market to the courtyard. He said to his uncle, "Uncle, before I become independent enough to reassure my mother, I need your help and care, as well as your eyes as my mother, to convince her that I have no problems.". And I will be your family, as an adult independent, I will take care of you, I will give you retirement. Cheng Liao is still in the period of voice change, and his voice is not loud. He barely knew his uncle, so he pulled a sophisticated face like a negotiation. Cheng Wen regards this as a gentleman's agreement, he feels that Cheng Liao does not need him to take care of, even if he needs to take care of, it is what he should do, and he feels that he probably will not live to the time when he needs to provide for his old age. But he solemnly promised Cheng Liao. Because he knew that no matter how well Cheng Liao pretended, he also needed someone to promise him that he would take care of each other and that he needed someone to tell him not to be afraid. The days when Cheng Liao came back were very calm, as if there was no blank space for more than a year, and he was used to the life and atmosphere around him for more than ten years. But he would not escape for more than a year, and the price he paid was to go to the first grade of junior high school again. He did not show reluctance, his uncle has tried his best, the county's junior high school regulations must be transferred to school again, they have no way. He just regretted in his heart that he could no longer sit at the same table with Lin Yidao. In the first year of junior high school, because of Wu Congshan's home computer, he searched a lot of knowledge on the Internet. He did not know where to start, from the very beginning, he only knew to input "dream to classmates", and then searched out a mess of advertising novels. Later, he remembered his physiological knowledge and went to search: "Dream | Legacy Dream to Classmate". In a pile of irritable paragraphs with color and various questions, he finally saw someone asking: "I am a boy, but I dream | Legacy Dream to my male classmate, what's going on?" At that time, asking questions had just begun to rise for less than two years,4 person jacuzzi, and everyone was very active in answering questions and getting points. In all kinds of answers, Cheng Liao saw someone posted an address, which was a forum post.