Chu Zhong has always been not afraid of wheel battles, if it is the opponent's successive wheel battles, he feels that it should be no problem for him to get a best killer award, but the key to this problem is that Chu Zhong himself can not guarantee that there will be no mistakes from beginning to end, if he meets an opponent with mutually exclusive attributes and makes some mistakes again. Chu Zhong felt that he and the final champion could only say goodbye, but now with the help of Zhang Yi and many Chinese players, he was full of confidence in winning the championship. The Global Masters Invitational Tournament was held as scheduled at nine o'clock. When the beautiful host girl began to draw the first round contestants with the remote control in her hand, Chu Zhong's heart was almost in his throat. Zhang Yi's arrangement and indulgence made him not have to worry about being taken to the battlefield by the enemy in the early stage. But there was a premise, that is, Chu Zhong's luck was good enough. In the first round, if the players were directly promoted when they were drawn, all the arrangements for Zhang Yi would be cancelled, and Chu Zhong could only resign himself to his fate. Whew. After seeing the result of the host's drawing, Chu Zhong breathed a sigh of relief. This fellow's luck was fairly good. In the first round, two foreign players were drawn. Hunters versus thieves. It looks like there's a play to be seen. Chu Zhong's eyes lit up when he saw the names of the two contestants who had been drawn, because when this fellow came,best whirlpool tub, the others had already drawn the platoon numbers, so he didn't know very well who the numbers represented (or besides a few special characters, Chu Zhong was too lazy to know who they were), but because he had done a lot of work on the information of the contestants before. So when the big screen showed the names of the players in the game, Chu Zhong immediately gave these people a seat in his mind. Turbine, 31 in the extreme competition ranking,jacuzzi manufacturers, occupation: thief, level should be around 100 (Chu Zhong watched the previous video, so he is not sure about the specific level of the other side), according to the combat information on the video, this guy should get the attribute enhancement medal after reincarnation. Although in terms of the number of skills, he is slightly inferior to those who eat professional promotion medals, but the enhanced skills and attributes make the turbine have a fairly stable output and control ability, coupled with some equipment with skills, and quite mature means of operation, in the eyes of Chu Zhong, the turbine can also be regarded as a number one figure. Fellus, the 54th player in the extreme competition list, endless pool swim spa ,jacuzzi bath spa, is a jungle scout (hunter promotion class), and his level is about one hundred and one. In Chu Zhong's opinion, the Australian player named Fellus was not wronged in his ranking behind the turbine, so from the performance of the video, Fellus was slightly inferior to the turbine in all aspects, but Chu Zhong thought that if the battle really started, the victory or defeat of the two men might depend on luck. The reason for this is that Fellus is a jungle scout. If Fellus is not a jungle scout, Chu Zhong felt that the battle had been able to predict the outcome almost before the start of the war, hunters and thieves can be said to be a pair of enemies of fate, many people think that in terms of professional characteristics, hunters with babies and anti-stealth ability should have a certain advantage, but in fact, as long as the PVP players who have experienced hundreds of battles. Between the hunter and the thief's victory or defeat simply say it all depends on the distance two words, if the hunter can control the thief in a certain distance and make the baby and people's attack organic combination, then the victory of the battle basically belongs to the hunter, but once let the thief close, the hunter's winning rate will plummet, although the hunter also has a certain melee attack means, But against the thieves, these means in the close combat is very difficult to play what too much effect, and according to the judgment of Chu Zhong, the name of the turbine thieves in addition to having a strong stealth combat capability, there is a very fast speed, in addition to the attack method, operation and other advantages, so Chu Zhong will feel that he has a great chance to win against an ordinary hunter. However, for the last jungle scout, Chu Zhong did not dare to judge who would win or lose in advance. The jungle scout is a special promotion profession, which is different from the general profession that will learn a lot of new skills after promotion. The jungle scout does not learn a lot of reincarnation skills. The focus of this profession is not to learn new reincarnation skills, but to combine several skills before the hunter is not reincarnated. Jungle scouts retain the long-range control ability and some long-range attack skills of shooting hunters, some of the traps with strong control of trap hunters, some of the skills of pet hunters combined with pets, and jungle scouts also have stealth ability after 100 levels of reincarnation. Although their invisibility can't be compared with that of thieves or druids (jungle scouts move super slowly after invisibility), it undoubtedly plays a very important role in the battle, and these abilities are obviously not good news for thieves, if the average hunter and thief win rate is basically 50-50. Then the winning rate of the jungle scout and the rogue must be sixty-four, or even seventy-three. In this case,whirlpool hot tub, even if the turbine has some advantages in other aspects, it will be compensated by the professional advantages of the jungle scout, so Chu Zhong will feel that the outcome of this battle is unpredictable.