Just as he was immersed in memories, a crowd of noise suddenly came from a restaurant in front of him. Shang Ding was stunned and quickened his pace to the door of the restaurant where the trouble was caused and looked inside. Squeezing into the crowd, he was surprised to find that the person who was surrounded was a girl. The girl looked two years younger than herself. She wore a black pleated dress and a striking black bow on her head. Her facial features were beautiful and perfect, and her skin was very white and tender, which was in sharp contrast to her black dress. Despite facing a group of adult men who were more than a head taller than herself,whirlpool hot tub, her face was not frightened at all, on the contrary, it was full of contempt. Little girl,whirlpool bathtub, you ate our food. Will you pay for it or not? A five big three thick head looked at the girl in black and scolded. That kind of thing doesn't qualify as food. : It's like coke. You only know how to put sugar in drinks. Do you think that as long as it can stimulate the taste of guests, it's a good dish? "This little bastard." Another waiter scolded, "Anyway, since you have eaten these dishes, outdoor hot tub ,Whirlpool bathtub, you must pay for them, or you won't be able to get out of here safely!" Several other guards also began to rub their hands, and they seemed to be really ready to do it. Hello! Stop it, you guys. + The waiter's eyes suddenly shifted to him. What are you, an accomplice of this little bastard? A waiter shouted at him. Yes, he's my brother! Before Shang Ding could speak, the girl in black suddenly jumped in front of Shang Ding and pretended to grab his arm affectionately. "He's here to teach you a lesson, isn't he, brother?" Good! Originally hit a little girl let me feel a little sorry, since the opponent changed to a man, I can have no scruples! The angry guards and waiters rushed over to the Shang Ding with wooden sticks and other props. Had no choice but to fight back, Shang Ding quickly pulled out the silver blood behind him, turned it into the shape of a stick, ready to fight, and the girl jumped to one side to escape. Less than 30 seconds later,jacuzzi swim spa, the waiters and guards were all lying down: they were all knocked unconscious. What bad luck! Shang Ding put away the silver blood and looked at the place where the girl had just escaped, ready to ask her the truth of the matter. But he saw nothing, and the whole restaurant was empty except for him and the fallen waiter. She ran away!. monalisa.com