In Wudang Martial Arts Training Field, at this moment, it is still difficult for Fang Hua and the man to win or lose. The man stood with a sword and said, "You can't defeat me." Fang Hua put the halberd across his waist and said coldly, "You too!" Fang Hua said in a deep voice, "Tell me your name, and why do you dare to kill my Wudang Headmaster?" Staring at Fang Hua's southern rock halberd, the man waved a sword flower in his hand and said, "Wait until you can defeat me!"! Until now, you haven't hurt a hair of me! Fang Hua's face sank, the halberd immediately hit out with one hand, turned to use both hands, a powerful force that seemed to be able to split the sky and crack the earth began to sweep out! Not to be outdone, the man is still a broken gun! There was another loud noise, and both of them took two steps back. The man only felt that the strength of Fang Hua was too strong! "Now it hurts you." Fang Hua is light and authentic. Indeed, a little blood flowed from the man's mouth. The man's face froze and he said, "I've come to kill Zhang Sanfeng, because I don't know where he stole my unique knowledge." Fang Hua's eyes flashed a trace of cruelty and he said, "Anyone who wants to harm the Headmaster will die!" Nanyan halberd, like a long black dragon, hit the man directly, while the man's sword threw out a huge sword gas, and the two were entangled again. Dugu, the inheritance of the sword demon Dugu! Huang Haisheng said. Is this what you call a sword trick created by a sword demon who is countless times more talented than you? Ao Qingyang Road. Huang Haisheng nodded, he did not expect, kill Wudang, is the descendant of the sword demon! The second volume I call the fate of Chapter 119 broken hair! [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: September 10,whirlpool hot tub spa, 2012 10:37:51 Words in this chapter: 3620 Recommend and collect, hehe. Fang Hua's halberd is powerful, but Dugu Jiujian is so fast that it can be compared with ordinary people. Broken gun style! It's still the same move, but it seems to be getting stronger and stronger, and it's ever-changing, with all kinds of different feelings. Fang Hua directly picked a long halberd, and then hit a punch in the air! Seven Wound Fist! The man did not dare to take it, but flew away. However, Fang Hua's flying skill is very good, step forward directly,endless swim pool, and attack the man directly with his fist! The man stepped back, he could not escape, and directly met with a punch! Suddenly, spitting blood, back a few steps. Fang Hua's long halberd picked up the dust on the ground and stared at the man. "I'll bury you in Wudang today," he said in a deep voice. A feeling of iron-blooded domineering revealed from Fang Hua, the whole person is like a bloody killing God on the battlefield, eyes revealed a strong intention to kill, left foot forward, do not know how strong, the land has a little crack! The man raised his sword again and said in a deep voice, "You are very strong, but today, I am bound to kill Zhang Sanfeng!" Fang Hua also did not say much, the south rock halberd directly upward. The man flies in the air, this time is no longer the broken gun type, but the most overbearing broken knife type! A sharp sword gas hit with amazing speed, Fang Hua had no time to resist with the halberd in his hand, directly raised his left hand, outdoor whirlpool tub ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, hard to defend! The sword is fierce, how can it be resisted with bare hands. Fang Hua's left hand was immediately cut open a long wound, blood immediately flowed out, but Fang Hua's breath, with the infection of blood, but more powerful up! "Today, I will take the life of Zhang Sanfeng!" The man looked coldly at the Wudang crowd. It's funny. He's tied with Fang Hua at most. Wudang also has Ao Qingyang, who is born in the middle stage, and Huang Haisheng, who doesn't know how strong he is. The shadow is also hiding in the dark. He has a sword, but he shouts to kill Zhang Sanfeng. It's really a joke. Just as the man was about to kill Fang Hua, a strong breath began to suppress the whole martial arts field. That pressure, there is an indescribable feeling, only feel that the internal force in the body has been suppressed, it is a level of depression! As if, this pressure, is standing at the top of the existence! But also has a mysterious breath, like the truth of heaven and earth, Yin and Yang blend, endless! A figure dressed in black and white fell from the sky and said in a muffled voice, "Who dares to make trouble in Wudang?" The comer's temperament is pressing, and it is Fanglin who breaks through the barrier! Congenital, did not expect, congenital was so powerful! Fang Lin clenched his fists, at the moment, he only felt the strength in his body flowing! He is not simply congenital, the Nine Yin Sutra, peerless skills, itself to reach the congenital can be vertical and horizontal congenital early, at this moment, it is already congenital! Pure Yang Wuji Gong, plus Tongzi Gong, is also far superior to the general congenital master! Yin and Yang two poles of the congenital early, Fang Lin only felt particularly strong, before the distance is only one foot in front of the door, at this moment, completely into the congenital, he found that there is a world of difference! Fang Lin is confident that at this moment, the general congenital metaphase is absolutely no match for him! "You are Zhang Sanfeng?" The man looked at Fang Lin coldly, revealing a sense of murder. Fang Lin also looked directly at him, his seclusion for a few days, unexpectedly someone dared to come directly to make trouble, but also pointed out to kill themselves! "It is the poor way!"! How to address! Fang Lin said in a low voice. I'm afraid you'll die for no reason. I'll tell you my name, Duguwen! The man held a sword with a proud face. "Why do you want to kill me?" Asked Fang Lin. Duguwen waved the sword in his hand and said, "Do you know the sword demon?" Fang Lin's pupils shrank and he nodded. Duguwen said, "I am a descendant of the sword demon. Do you know why I want to kill you?"? Dugu Jiujian, where did you learn it? Fang Lin is not afraid to say, "Holy Church, Holy Temple!" Duguwen shook off his long sword and shouted, "What holy church? There are nine Dugu swords in my Dugu line. Say, where did you steal them?" Fang Lin secret way, how to be the same as before, is a country bumpkin, ordinary people do not know the temple, but generally strong people, more or less will know some. "No matter where you've learned it," said Dugu Wen, "the Nine Swords of Dugu will never be passed on to anyone except me. Today, I will take your head." Fang Lin ha ha a smile, at the moment just breakthrough,5 person hot tub, he has a strong confidence, even if Ao Qingyang want to find her a war, he will be happy to take over!.