He has a pair of blue almost indigo eyes, light white hair gently brushed in the ear side, the body is delicate and thin, is a very different appearance from the round cheeks of a Zhou. The bamboo that had troubled Pandu and Arjuna seemed to have self-consciousness, but they took the initiative to get out of the way to both sides, revealing a bright and smooth road for the white-haired young son. And just behind him, Pandu and Arjuna had already seen the pure white building as holy as the eternal snow in the Himalayas. If later generations see this building, they will recognize that such a temple building belongs to the Greek style. There are no other colors, and the temple, which is made of huge stone pillars and stones, shows a simple and magnificent beauty, which makes Arjuna, who has never seen this style before, look stunned. He breathed a sigh of relief. Now that someone had come out, it meant that the owner of the place had no intention of really driving them away. Teacher Drona is already waiting inside, but you can't go in-it's the teacher's rule. The white-haired child said calmly. His voice was a little cold, as if he could not recognize the two well-dressed men in front of him,outdoor whirlpool, the famous king and his proud third son. Although the general degree is not at ease to let a Zhou that person to face that person's pressure, but is not willing to let a Zhou that lose the opportunity to become more powerful. After hesitating for a while, Pandu said to Ah Chou, "Sheng Cai, I can only send you here. Remember what I said." He nodded to the white-haired child, then stepped back and stopped coming forward. A Zhou Na suddenly stood alone in the middle,endless swimming pool, obviously there was light in front of him, but his father was no longer with him, or let a Zhou Na's heart full of uneasiness. You needn't be upset, Katsuya. Teacher Drona is a very nice person. The white-haired child said to Arjuna. His tone was light, and the certainty and tone that sounded like showing off how intimate he was with the teacher made Zhou frown involuntarily. Shengcai is my nickname. You can't call me that. Only my elders and family can call me that! A Zhou Na originally did not care about this, after all, the nickname also represents the family's expectations of himself, but he just could not hear his nickname from the mouth of the child in front of him. And because of the unknown anger in his heart, he continued: "Also, I will be the teacher's favorite and most satisfied chief disciple!" "Is it?" The white-haired child tilted his head and said to Ah Chou, "If you want to be the teacher's favorite and most satisfied chief disciple, then you have to work hard.". Ah, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,endless swim spa, but only if the teacher is willing to take you under his door. If other disciples had heard his words, they would have sighed and said, "Garna is here again. It's obviously a good intention, but it can always be said to be a provocation that makes people angry." Garna's original intention was to encourage Arjuna, who might become his younger brother, as a senior fellow apprentice, but in Arjuna's ears, I'm afraid Garna was just satirizing his own delusion-after all, Drona's teacher hadn't brought him under his door yet! Perhaps there is always a fate in the dark, even if the first time Arjuna saw Garna, he began to hate the white-haired guy from the bottom of his bones. He clenched his teeth and clenched his hands into fists at the side of his waist. His black, white and round eyes stared fiercely at Garna and said, "Wait and see!"! I will certainly become the number one disciple of teacher Drona, so that you can only cry sadly in the side! Garna was about to say, 'I won't cry. It doesn't matter if you want to be the chief disciple. Anyway, the teacher will still like me.' When a figure suddenly appeared from behind him. "Fujun, what are you doing?" Asked the boy, who had hot red hair and dark skin? Didn't father ask you to bring back the new child? Garna nodded and said, "Ma Hiss, I'm doing it. This is Shengcai. He may become the child of our younger martial brother.". ” Fortunately, because of the arrival of the horse's neigh, Garna did not say the words in his heart to Arjuna, otherwise he was afraid that the son of Pandu would hate him even more. Aft that arrival of the horse's neigh, Arjuna and the two boys who were about to become his brother entered the road leading to the pure white temple smoothly. He walked through the clean pool with blooming lotus flowers, countless peacocks with long and gorgeous tail feathers were flying in the bamboo forest, and saw many familiar people talking in the shade of lush trees. The uneasiness of leaving his father and being alone was relieved a little. And when his eldest brother Jianzhan and his second brother came up to meet him, it made a smile on Ah Chouna's face. Garna and Masi stopped and let the three brothers talk about their friendship before they continued to take Arjuna to the depths of the temple. The temple is very spacious and magnificent. Looking at the tall columns without any gaps, Arjuna can hardly imagine how it was built and how it was built. And because of the style, the ventilation is good, even though the weather is very hot and sultry now, you can still feel the cool breeze blowing from behind and in front of you, which makes the sweat of a Zhou who walked in the bamboo forest before refreshing a lot. After stepping out of the temple, he came to the sparkling pool. There was a bridge across the middle of the spacious pool. At the end of the bridge, there was an umbrella-shaped pavilion. The teacher who would ask him to accept him as a disciple was in the depths of the pavilion. But with Arjuna's excellent eyesight, he did not find any figure in the pavilion. It's true! Father ran into the water again because he was greedy for cold. The horse sighed and said as he stepped on the bridge. Although he was still young, his hands and feet were already very long and powerful, and his trunk, which was exposed by the heat,american hot tub, had a beautiful and powerful texture. When he stood on the bridge, his chest still reflected the sparkling waves. Arjuna had already guessed that the boy named Masi was Drona's child, and in his heart he had made the decision to have a good relationship with him. monalisa.com