That night, Xiao Rabbit lay in bed, always recalling the scene when he gave Ni Ersi a needle, and his mood could not be calm for a long time. Somehow, she suddenly wanted to share her feelings with that person at the moment, reached for the pillow and touched it, only to remember that their mobile phones were taken away by the instructor on the first day they came here, saying that they were not allowed to use mobile phones during military training. The more I can't get in touch with him, the more my heart is hanging and I feel uncomfortable all over. It was the first time since the military training that she missed Ling Chao so madly, missed his voice, missed his hug, and even missed his unexpected kiss. Really, I miss him so much. In a trance, I suddenly felt something knocking on my pillow. "Bunny, bunny!" She was called Dong Dong Dong, who slept in the next bed. 'What's Wrong? ' Xiao Rabbit asked in a daze. Because of the strict rules of the army, she could not speak while sleeping. In order not to be found by the instructors on duty outside, Dong Dong quickly stuffed something luminous into her quilt. This is Xiao Rabbit fixed his eyes on it, and it turned out to be a mobile phone, which was still connected. 'Wife. ' His long-lost voice came from the other end of the phone, and at that moment, Xiao Rabbit suddenly had an impulse to cry. Even if she can bear hardships, after all, she is the heart of her parents. In such days of training,heavy duty metal racks, it is inevitable that she will be tired and resentful. But when listening to his voice quietly flowing out of the phone, the restless heart seems to have finally found a harbor to dock, no matter how difficult the situation is, as long as he is there, there will always be the courage to persevere for no reason. 'Yes. ' Xiao Rabbit hid in the quilt and answered softly. 'Wife, I miss you. ' Love words came out of his mouth without any awkwardness. "I miss you, too," said Xiao Rabbit. After saying this, there was a long silence,shuttle rack system, perhaps because I wanted to say too much, but when I really said something, I didn't know what to say. But such silence is not awkward at all, Xiao Rabbit quietly imagined his appearance on the other end of the phone across the phone, with a gentle smile in her eyes, that moment she suddenly felt very happy, can be with such a man, until old age. Perhaps, such insipid touching is the essence of happiness. Because of the limitation of conditions, they did not chat for a long time, but in just a few minutes, it was enough for Xiao Rabbit to get rid of days of tiredness and have a good sleep. The next day, they were still greeted by hard training, whether it was long standing training or simple food in the canteen, which was enough to make every student who received military training complain. Since Ni Ersi opened the first heatstroke, the heatstroke rate of girls in the class has shown an obvious upward trend. Of course, there are those who fish in troubled waters, drive in racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, but it is true that the weather is too hot. In addition, the intensity of training has increased. A few days later, many of the original pseudo-heatstroke of fishing in troubled waters has become a real heatstroke. By the time half of the military training time has passed, even the boys with good physique can't stand it. Watching more and more people fall down, the counselors with the team realized the seriousness of the situation, after all, students are not professional soldiers, how can they withstand such high-intensity training? So, on the fifteenth day of military training, the counselor asked the school leaders for instructions, and the school leaders communicated with the troops, and finally decided to give everyone two days off to recover their physical strength. As soon as I heard that I was going to have a holiday, the students who had been trained to have only one layer of skin returned to the light one by one. What's more, they were all ready to pack their bags and go home to sleep for a night. Walking to the gate of the army, but was blocked back, the original holiday is also a false release, only allowed to rest in the base, not allowed to go out, not allowed to see relatives and friends. 'Oh My God! What's the difference between this and prison? ' Dong Dong clenched his fists and roared to the sky with a very solemn and stirring expression. Xiao rabbit's mood is not much better, thought two days off can go back to school to find Ling Chao, but do not want to have a holiday can not meet, give the feeling of hope and disillusionment called depressed. Fortunately, however, the army did not lose its humanity, at least returned the mobile phone, so a group of girls with boyfriends contacted their boyfriends, no boyfriends contacted their parents, all in the dormitory, chatting happily. It is precisely because of such harsh conditions that love and affection are so important. Xiao Rabbit took his cell phone and first called his parents at home to report that he was safe. As soon as the phone was connected, her mother was excited. The precious daughter of her own family is suffering in the army, and she is not allowed to call her family. What kind of bullshit military training is this? The whole reform through labor! But her father, in love with her daughter, secretly hid some comfort in his heart, the daughter finally did not have to mix with Ling Chao that boy all day, then he did not have to worry about his daughter being played hooligans all day, give birth to a grandson to play soy sauce and other issues. Her father was so happy that he couldn't control his mouth. 'Daughter, did you call Dad as soon as you got your cell phone?' 'Yes, what's wrong? ' Her father got a satisfactory answer, smiling from ear to ear: "Super boy, you open your eyes to me, I Xiao Haishan's daughter first thought of his father me, not you!"! . Where does her father know, in fact, Xiao Rabbit calls Ling Chao every night with Dong Dong's mobile phone, and now naturally he is not in a hurry to contact Ling Chao. The poor father-in-law was kept in the dark like this. After talking to his parents on the phone, it was finally Ling Chao's turn. Just as Xiao Rabbit was about to press the call button, he heard someone outside knocking on the washbasin and shouting, 'Send welfare! It's welfare! ' At the same time, Dong Dong also rushed in exultantly: 'The sun is coming out in the west, and the school is going to serve us!' The so-called military service, in fact, is a remedial measure discussed by the school leaders overnight. Because this period of military training is too strict, many parents of students have protested,wire mesh decking, including some rich and powerful people. A phone call to the director of education, the director of education contacted the principal by telephone, and the principal then called the teacher in charge of military training to scold him.