As if back on the court, cut the original red eyes and devilish smile, in the exquisite ball skills, his opponent in his declaration to defeat at the same time, has been scarred in many places, in the off-court companions are almost cold all over the body … That's why! This guy put our teammates in the hospital! So we can't let them go! Some people shouted fiercely. Yes, if you have the ability, you can fight back, ha ha, in this case, you will not want to participate in the competition, what Lihai three consecutive hegemony, I Bah! It's over in my hands! The leading boy smiled fiercely. Until then, I'll finish you.. The red-eyed boy smiled, and for a moment, no one dared to rush up. What are you afraid of! If they fight back.. The leading teenager picked up a bottle of wine. "Don't you want to take part in the competition?!" "Go!" A crowd of people swarmed up, a bottle has been thrown at the head of the original, the original reaction and quick flash away, was about to fight back, Liu has pulled him, "Chi also, sober up!" They can't lose the qualification for the big game! 'Pow! ' The crisp sound exploded, the bottle cracked on the boy's strong arm, and although it was wrapped in a coat, the red blood stains still flowed down his fingertips. Senior! The violent factor in the original body is more and more difficult to control,interactive touch screens education, Liu pulled him to death, this one, they are doomed to be in a passive and beaten situation. Just, I hope you will disappear forever in front of the team members of Lihai University, otherwise, let you live worse than death. Absolutely Thousand nights sneaked into the dark alley, pulled up the hat with a hooded coat, the hat almost covered half of her face, saw the original and willow,interactive flat panel display, the dim light let her have an illusion, why feel that the original is not quite the same. There's no time to think about it. A vicious fight has already begun. Half an hour later, Qianhao finally saw a group of discomfited teenagers rushing out of the alley. A night.. Qianhao looked anxiously at the entrance of the alley. Why didn't he come out?! "A thousand nights.." Chihara, who had almost returned to his usual state, murmured and saw the red liquid dripping from the tip of the willow finger and exclaimed, "Senior, your hand!" "Chi Ye, don't talk yet." Qianye took out a handkerchief from his coat pocket and took Liu's hand. The red liquid printed by the young man's slender hand looked shocking. Qianye lifted Liu's sleeve and bandaged the handkerchief at the wound. "Fortunately, I'm wearing a coat.." Otherwise, the glass fragments will be in trouble, and it must be tetanus. The girl's face was backlit, her hands moved gently, and the teenager could not see her expression clearly, staring at her familiar bandaging technique, "You seem to be very skilled?" "Oh." A thousand nights smile, if you fight too much, this kind of thing is not difficult. Done, electronic board for classroom ,smart board touch screen, Qianye took out the tissue and handed it to Qieyuan, "wipe it quickly." There was blood all over his face. Cieyuan took it and rubbed it, inhaling in pain, "those bastards!" "Ah Ye!" Qianye turned around and looked at the little man who had run in. "Why did you come in? Didn't I say I was waiting for me?" Reached out and picked him up. You said you didn't come out for so long, and I was worried to death! Qianhao complained in a foul voice. There were so many people on the other side, and they didn't come out for so long, he almost called the police! "Well, now I'm fine, and I can handle this kind of thing." Chiya turned to look at Chihara and Liu. "Senior, Chi," she looked at her watch. It was already late at night. "Are you sure you want to go back like this? Will your family be worried? "Thank you, otherwise things will be more difficult." Liu looked at the mess of their own cut the original, so go back to the mother is not worried about strange! "Na, my home is nearby, or go to my home first, to take good medicine to go," thousand night nu nu mouth, "tomorrow morning to deal with it is not too late, your father and mother will be worried." "Yes, let's go to our house. It's just the two of us." Only then did Qianhao take a good look at Qieyuan and Liu. He was just in a hurry, but he forgot to look at the real version of the prince. The more he looked, the more energetic he was. Although they were in a mess, they were still beautiful teenagers! Whoa! Much better than the anime! Then let's go. "Thousand nights hurriedly holding almost drooling Qianhao out of the alley, this little BT, at this time what nymphomaniac ah!"! Into the community, Liu was surprised to find that here and his home is not far away, returned to the residence, Qianye put down Qianhao, "Qianhao, hurry up to get the medicine box." He went into the kitchen and brought out a large basin of water. He pressed Chiyuan on the sofa. "Don't move." The bloodstain on the wound is wiped clean, thousand night took the medicine box that thousand Hao takes out, "endure a bit, on liquid medicine a bit painful." He took out a cotton swab and dipped it in liquid medicine to clean the wound. He cleaned the bruises on his face one by one. He grinned with pain and wished he could disassemble the people just now. The medicine is on. Fortunately, there are not many wounds. A thousand nights to deal with the original cut wound, pulled the willow, just stopped bleeding handkerchief untied, began to clean the blood around. Liu looked at the thousand night half squatting in front of him, looking at her facial features without glasses, the fundus was stained with surprise, by the light, he looked at the thousand night carefully. His half-drooping eyes showed fanned eyelashes, his skin was crystal white in the light, his facial features were very delicate, his long hair was pulled behind his ears, revealing his small ears, and his pink lips were blowing gently on his wound. Carefully after the medicine, thousand night finally relieved, "good." "Please." Liu nodded his thanks. You are welcome A thousand nights smile. Suddenly, a clear grunt came to the ears of the crowd. Ha, I'm hungry. A thousand nights touch the head and smile shyly, only to remember that ramen has been reimbursed on the road, no wonder she was so powerless when she beat people. "Wait a minute, I'll get something to eat." A thousand nights sighed, now I have to cook even if I don't cook. Chihara pulled Chiho's little hand. "Na, are you Chiyo's family?" He never heard her mention her family. Yeah,65 inch smart board, I'm her brother. The little man grinned. "Ah Ye adopted me." Oh, he's talking to the little kelp. He's so cute. "Brother?" Chihara touched his head and smiled. "It's so cute." Liu looked at the decorations around him and turned to ask Qianhao, "Where are your parents?" 。