Chi Zhan was a little silent, and Xiao Bai was also silent. The two of them returned to the room full of darkness and took a shower to wash away the bad luck of the day. Chi Zhan came out of the bathroom for the second time today. When he saw the fruit basket on the tea table, he had another palpitation. He threw all these things away and sighed: I ruined the apple. The next day, before Chi Zhan came out of the shadow of Apple, his reports began to fly everywhere. This is the first time that Chi Zhan has occupied such a large space, although it is, or may be bought by Yu Huanyan, but he is still a little excited. The headline in the newspaper is very eye-catching: "Chi Zhan, the protagonist of the TV series Baichuan, holds ink in his front feet to let his thighs, and touches Lu Qi with his back feet." Touch with anger?? Chi Zhan almost made a hole in the title. Where did he offend the little temperament? He had a good discussion. There is a blurred picture at the bottom of the text, but it can be seen that he is walking with wind. He wears a pair of sunglasses and has no expression. It really looks a little angry. It's normal for Mo to have no expression, but it's not normal for Lu to have no expression. Chi Zhan beat his chest and stamped his feet. Why didn't Lu Qi laugh all the way back?? How can journalists talk such nonsense these days?? If he had the ability to talk nonsense, it would be impossible for him to get such a low score in the college entrance examination of Chinese. If he got a higher score, he would be able to go to the University of C City, and then he would not encounter such a mess. He must concentrate on further study,digital touch screen board, and finally become a world-renowned biologist with both knowledge and handsome. Small white sat next to him, looking at his empty expression, but also the newspaper out of a hole, the newspaper now has two holes. Chi Zhan reacted and asked, "Now.." What to do. "I don't know. Let's ask the magic conch." “??? God you a big watermelon, "Chi Zhan thought, how can a good little white also place hope on a conch?? "Xiao Zhu told me that now we can only hope that the masses will regard this as a hype for the crew,interactive touch screens education, although this is not very fair to director Zhong, who won by virtue of his strength and talent, but this is the only way to do it." Small white a serious way, "Xiaozhu also decided to deal with this way, the water army is ready, this preemptive strike." “…… This is not good, has director Zhong ever hyped it? Chi Zhan is very suspicious. According to his understanding, director Zhong doesn't need hype at all. He stands there and is hyped. No Sure enough, Xiao Bai thought for a long time, lifted his hair, and answered affirmatively. …… Then how can we talk nonsense? Chi Zhan is a moral person who is not good at language. He will not talk nonsense. Reporters are so nonsense, 65 inch touch screen ,touch screen whiteboard, and who knows if director Zhong wants to hype this time?? No one knows his way of doing things. Xiao Bai shrugged his shoulders. Chi Zhan was forced by Xiao Bai and Xiao Zhu to decide that the minority was subordinate to the majority. Apples can not be eaten, news can be ignored, but the play must be filmed as usual. Chi Zhan came to the new shooting site, and the staff said hello to him as usual, but there was something wrong with his eyes. Chi Zhan secretly sighed, feeling cold, thinking that it is really difficult to be a man, and it is even more difficult to be a star. Yu Huanyan looked like he had nothing to do with himself, and he also expressed his condolences to Chi Zhan. Many of them had no communication with him outside the play, but Duan Ze's eyes were not quite right. Chi Zhan has experienced the stormy waves before, and he doesn't care about this little wave. He just shoots his own play, eats the box lunch of the crew, and occasionally goes to eat the winner next to the school, which he is more assured of. But Chi Zhan occasionally wondered whether it would have an impact on the play and director Zhong if Xiao Zhu suppressed the news on the grounds of "crew hype". Anyway, he is also his senior in reality. Today's task was finished, and he walked quickly to the coquettish director Zhong: "Well, director Zhong, let's have a meal together?" The crafty director Zhong suddenly showed a sharp look in his eyes and said with a smile, "What's the matter with me?" "Sort of." Chi Zhan was stunned and immediately felt that he had returned to his college days. They finished talking in the coffee shop. Director Zhong was wearing a seemingly simple black shirt, but Chi Zhan could see dark gray roses embroidered on his chest pocket. His hairstyle has changed again, there is a kind of messy beauty, really is a true beauty, Chi Zhan an actor in front of him are not very confident. After listening to Chi Zhan's worries, director Zhong waved his hand carelessly and said smartly, "No news can affect my play." Chi Zhan was shocked by this domineering and confident remark, and his senior Zhong was the one who could say such a thing! Warm and cool, he thought, smiling with a sigh of relief. The two went back to the hotel together. Chi Zhan and director Zhong's room happened to be on the same floor. Chi Zhan stepped slightly at the door of director Zhong's room and watched him close the door with a smile. Since Director Zhong doesn't mind, he has nothing to be afraid of. Chi Zhan had a particularly sweet sleep, and the next day, when he saw the micro-blog push, his face turned black again. He made headlines two days in a row: "Chi Zhan knocked on the door of director Zhong in the middle of the night, but he was refused!" Below released a video, only a few seconds, is the pool exhibition standing at the door of director Zhong's room, director Zhong slowly closed the door? There were three huge question marks on Chi Zhan's head, and his skull was a little sore. When the phone rang, Chi Zhan immediately got through,interactive whiteboard for schools, and without looking at him, he knew it was Xiao Zhu. Xiao Zhu's voice was so sharp that it made his skull and eardrum ache together. Chapter 69 it's no big deal to go out with Duan Ze. Xiao Zhu over there finally hung up the phone. Chi Zhan rubbed his eyebrows and had an answer in his heart. It must have been deliberately misinterpreted and released by the crew, and only the crew could grasp his movements so clearly. Xiao Zhu told him in a deep tone on the other end of the phone: "We will suppress all the news.". You can finish the play with peace of mind. 。