"It will hurt!"! It's gonna hurt! It's gonna hurt! Meng, for the sake of others, can't go to catch. Cough. Grab there! Ace was at a loss for words for a long time, but he only came up with such an explanation. In his opinion, Ameng is a kind girl. If she said this, she would certainly not grab other people's balls again. Oh Lu Feimeng thought to hide, the face is wrinkled together, that seems to really hurt! ……… This way, Lu Feimeng has golden balls to catch … Over there, Luffy is accompanied by a beautiful woman. & lt ( ̄ 3  ̄) & gt Humph! Hankuk looked sadly at Luffy, who had been looking at the other side of the sea, and said softly, "Is Luffy really not going to eat a little more?"? There are many more! Luffy shook his head. "Thank you, Han Cook.". I'm full. "But you only ate a little!" Sitting on the other side, forced by Hankuk to nibble at the fruit, he looked uncontrollably at a large stack of empty plates beside him, pulled the corners of his mouth, and then nibbled at the apple. Shiping, I want to go to Shampoo Islands! Luffy looked at the sea,white marble mosaic, as if to see Ace and Lufei in the new world through the sea. "Why is that?" He said lightly. "I have an appointment with my companions to meet at Shampoo, and where it is, it will be closer to Ameng and Ace!" "You can be my submarine." As soon as Luo's voice fell, he received the terrible sight of Hankuk, but there was no pressure in his heart. Luffy, your wound! Hankook frowned and tried to persuade Luffy to change his mind. Thank you, Hankook! My injury doesn't matter, I want to see them earlier! And thank you,Stone Honeycomb Panel, Terra! Luffy smiled and squinted, his eyes full of expectant light. Hankook watched in a daze, feeling a sense of loss and melancholy. At that moment, there was a sound of waves in the sea. A white-haired man, soaked to the skin, slowly came up barefoot. As he twisted his soaked clothes, he said, "Well, the ship sank in the storm. It can only swim all the way." "Uncle Raleigh!" Luffy looked at Raleigh in shock, appearing in such a way. Oh! Luffy, you're here! Raley grinned, especially brightly. After catching up, Raley looked at Luffy and talked about why he was here. The members of the Straw Hat Pirate Group in various places also knew the news on the top and decided to go to the Shampoo Islands according to the agreement. The author has something to say: In other words, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Marble Projects, why does Raleigh ignore Ace so much? It's the only blood his captain has. Don't you? ╭(╯^╰)╮ Thanks for the nutrient solution! 〈( ^3^)ノ Reader "Heart only stays for you", irrigating nutrient solution + 5 Reader "Ya", Irrigation Nutrient Solution + 2 , road and road "Meng, wake up, it's time to get up." Ace raised his hand and gently pushed Lu Feimeng's shoulder and said softly. Lu Feimeng rubbed his face against Ace's chest, his eyes still closed, and he slept soundly. He smiled helplessly, "Ah Meng, if you don't get up, there will be no breakfast!" Sleeping people, ears gently moved, raised his head, opened his eyes, misty eyes looked around, "breakfast, where is breakfast?" Ace took Lu Feimeng's shoulder and sat up with her. "After washing your face and brushing your teeth, you'll have breakfast." "Oh." Lu Feimeng gave a big yawn, his left hand still clinging to Ace's back, and went to the bathroom with him. In the mirror, Ace looked at the wound in his chest and felt particularly incredible. The wound could not see the horrible hole before, and even the scar was not left. It's amazing. Ace sighed lightly. Lu Feimeng looked back and said, "This is what someone told you. Listen to Xia Qi. It's a beautiful woman with blue hair. Do you know Ace?" Blue hair. Ace was stunned. He remembered that when he was a child, there was always a woman who watched him in the dark and gave him birthday gifts every year. Although she thought she was hiding and never appeared in front of him, she had long been discovered by him. Only later she never showed up. He remembered her as if she had blue hair, like the sea. Is that her.. "Ace!"! Ace! "Why?" Ace came to his senses and looked at Lu Feimeng doubtfully. Why are you in a daze? I have brushed my teeth and washed my face. Go to eat breakfast quickly! Lu Feimeng said with a smile that she was so hungry that she wanted to eat breakfast quickly. Ace chuckled. He hadn't done anything yet. "Wait for me." ……… "Come and have breakfast." In the dining room, Marco glanced at Lu Feimeng and Ace and beckoned them to come and sit down. Lu Feimeng sat down, picked up the sandwich and ate it happily. Opposite her are the leaders of the White Beard Pirate Group. Marco took a sip of water and frowned at Lu Feimeng. "Ah Meng, how is Ace's injury?" "It's almost ready. You can take it away in a minute." Lu Feimeng stuffed the remaining half of the sandwich into his mouth, eating his mouth, and said without looking at Marco. As she spoke, she turned to Ace. "When are we going to find Luffy?" Ace said, "Ameng, I'm not going to find Luffy. I'll ask Marco to take you." Why?! Luffy must really want to see you! Lu Feimeng turned to Ace and asked loudly. I'm going to go back to my dad's place with everyone. Ace looked around at the captain and said firmly. But, Luffy.. "Ah Meng, this sea is so big, one day we will meet, and Luffy will understand me." Ace turned his head, raised his hand and patted Lu Feimeng on the top of her head. By the way, he took a glance at the grass on her head. It grew out yesterday, and he didn't know what was going on. Oh Lu Feimeng answered in a low voice, love is not want to go with her to find Luffy, she can not force him. The atmosphere of the whole restaurant dropped in an instant. Harta turned to look at Ace, then at Lu Feimeng,grey marble slab, and suddenly asked, "Hey, is that grass on your head?" Lu Feimeng looked up at Harta and shook his head. "It's a tree." "Tree?" 。 forustone.com