Until everyone disappeared in the rearview mirror of the car, Yang Mu suddenly looked back. He looked at Xiao Hongfei and said in a deep voice, "Didn't I leave you a phone number? Why didn't you come to me when such a big thing happened? You had to choose the stupidest way to solve the problem?"? Do you really think that with just one deputy mayor, we can't do anything about him? "Stupid?!" Recalling the word in his mouth, Xiao Hongfei spat out the blood between his teeth and lips when he was forced into the car just now. Facing Yang Mu, who was in the military region, almost everyone had to nod and smile when they saw him, and whose energy was absolutely not to be underestimated, he raised his voice: "You and I are not the same person." "Yes, we are not the same person, at least I will not gamble my life for a yakuza who only knows how to waste his youth on a woman's belly!" Yang Mu threw a file bag on Xiao Hongfei's body, no one wants to see, that Li Yue these years committed the rape of the girl, sentenced him to be shot ten times is not too much, only when there is a deputy mayor, specially responsible for the administrative justice of the father to escort him, can always be carefree when his second ancestor, but this absolutely does not mean that. He's really invulnerable! In the past two weeks, I didn't do anything. I used all kinds of channels to collect information every day. I wanted to help you redress your grievances. But I didn't think that all the information had been collected, and the evidence and witnesses had been found,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, but you gave me a good show of killing one person in ten steps, and then just sitting there waiting for death! "The ancients said that death is as heavy as Mount Tai and as light as a feather. Tell me.." Yang Mu stared at Xiao Hongfei's eyes. Li Yue, the kind of person who eats and waits for death, is it worth being proud of?! Holding the thick file bag in his hand, he looked at Yang Mu, whose face was obviously tired. Just now, for the sake of him,ultrasonic extraction cbd, he had come forward to make a head-on confrontation with various forces. Xiao Hongfei was silent for a long time before he whispered: "Thank you." "I'm not doing this for you. I want to say thank you to people who really care about you and want to help you." Xiao Hongfei suddenly closed his mouth. For a time, only a few people were left breathing slightly in the off-road jeep, and there was a peculiar dull roar when the high-power car motor turned. It was in this suffocating silence that the jeep, which had re-hung its military license plate, rushed straight into the past without hesitation even when it came to a red light. In the end, Yang Mu simply reached out and turned on the siren on the car. The harsh and shrill siren whistled, tearing the sky over the city full of too many people and vehicles. Their military jeep, at an astonishing height, sped all the way to the headquarters of the group army stationed in the city, and finally turned into the compound of the military district where sentries stood guard. When the jeep stopped in front of a two-storey villa with a large courtyard, Xiao Hongfei was still calm, but Feng Ying Lou was completely shocked. People living in the compound of this military region, even if it is only an eight-year-old child, who would not know that the people living here are in power, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, as long as they climb up and call out, they will respond like clouds, and have established legendary feats in the self-defense counterattack against India and Vietnam, and are now serving as the No.1 commander of this group army.. Lieutenant General Lei Mingzhe?! www.xiaoshuotxt.com Chapter 5 Diamond Palace Opening the car door and looking at Feng Ying Lou sitting in the jeep, Yang Mu said, "Turnip head, go home by yourself." Looking at Feng Ying Lou, which was clinging to him like an octopus, Xiao Hongfei couldn't help laughing no matter how bad his mood was. He reached out his hand and patted Feng Ying Lou's short and hard head. He said with a smile, "Let's go in together. Anyway, it's just to say thank you to him. It's just a few words. Your home is in this yard. I'll send you back later." No longer pay attention to the desire to speak and stop Yang Mu, Xiao Hongfei reached out to pull the wind shadow building, strode into the inside. Although he has lived in the compound of the military region for eight years, it is the first time that Feng Ying Lou has entered this villa-style building, which represents absolute power and dignity. The scarlet wool carpet is thick and soft, and the brass reliefs on the walls are full of artistic tension, which shows that the owner here has a good taste. Walking into this villa-style building representing absolute power and majesty for the first time, not to mention the soft thick wool carpet, not to mention the beautiful brass reliefs on the walls, full of artistic tension, and the absolutely expensive mahogany furniture, just to say that there are more than a dozen bedrooms of different styles, it is enough for Grandma Liu to enter the Grand View Garden. There was a series of sighs in my heart. This year more than fifty years old, the tip has been covered with a layer of light gray, but still in high spirits, the dignity of the body is growing with age, Lieutenant General Lei Mingzhe, sitting in the reception room of the hall, is watching something attentively with a lieutenant colonel. Looking at their intimate appearance, it is obvious that the relationship between two people is not just as simple as that between superiors and subordinates. Even Yang Mu, whose eyes were higher than the top, nodded to him when he saw the lieutenant colonel, and did not hide the death in his eyes, which showed his extraordinary background. Xiao Hongfei's eyes suddenly widened. Because Lei Mingzhao and the lieutenant colonel watched the LCD TV together, the picture displayed was the live video taken by the internal security system of the leisure venue when he entered the "Annianhua" leisure club to kill Li Yue! Such efficient action is really beyond the limit that Xiao Hongfei can understand at this age. You know, from walking out of the leisure club to standing in this villa-style building, it only took 30 minutes at best! After watching everything in the surveillance video, Lieutenant Colonel's eyes flowed and fell straight on Xiao Hongfei's face. There is no stern expression, not to mention the dignity of posturing, but facing each other's eyes, which are faintly shrouded in a strange layer of red mist, a creature's unique keen intuition when facing natural enemies suddenly makes Xiao Hongfei's heart beat faster in an instant. In this lieutenant colonel's body, there seems to be something so strong that it is almost impossible to melt, so that his whole body,ultrasonic spray nozzle, naturally has a kind of momentum that is not fierce, but people simply can not look at, or even dare not be a little close to him. fycgsonic.com