Not daring to continue the topic, Zuduo stuffed a shrimp into his mouth. Depend on- "Too careless, the inside of the mouth was pricked by the sharp place of the shrimp shell.". Jiang Jiao's cool voice: "What's the hurry?" “…… I'm in a hurry to eat early and not let you wait too long. Zuduo felt weak in his heart and buried himself in picking vegetables. There's no hurry. Jiang Jiao looked back from Zuduo's shoulder. Waving this way was Midansha with a new hair color. She came over in two or three steps and sat down beside Jiang Jiao. "Ah Jiao, have you been here these two days?" "Mmm." Jiang Jiao, by the way, briefly introduced each other to Midan Xia Zuduo. Knowing that the woman opposite Jiang Jiao was not an assistant or something like that, but a little famous scriptwriter in the film and television industry, Midanxia reacted that she was too impolite and quickly shouted: "Hello, Zu scriptwriter, I've heard a lot about you." "Where is the name? Miss Mi's name is thunderous." Zuduo's eloquence in front of people has always been good. Writer Zu, I like several TV plays you have participated in very much. Like "Picking Green", the plot is super attractive, every character is very vivid, I watched it twice. "By the grace of Miss Mee.". I often listen to your songs, which are very beautiful. The two people went back and forth to flatter each other and tried to pull the little song queen into the group chat. Jiang Jiao did not have the idea of joining the chat. In fact, Zuduo, who had never heard the songs of Midanxia,Inflatable 5k obstacle, drew the praise to Midanxia's appearance without any trace. Midan Xia lifted the end of her hair. "I think it looks good, too. Do you think my hair is short?" Zuduo: "No, it's sweet and cool." "Sweet is not sweet.". I like this color and length very much. My agent always says it's not good and always criticizes me. "It's all right, the public can get it." "Oh, I think the response on the Internet is very good. Someone praised my new hairstyle." Zuduo nodded and said to Jiang Jiao, "I'm full." Jiang Jiao hand a turn,Inflatable outdoor park, mobile phone screen down, "back to my residence?" "Let's go out for a walk. I heard from my colleagues that there is a new spring villa here, and there are other things to play." Zuduo patted the cross-body bag, "there is a small book inside to record my travel strategy." "Oh." Out of politeness, Jiang Jiao asked Mi Danxia, "Will you go with us?" Midanxia waved his hand. "No, no, I've been running for two days, and I sleep less than five hours a day.". I got off the plane more than an hour ago, and I'm still tired. Zuduo: "Miss Mi is working too hard-won't you order a meal?" No, I'll wait for someone here. If you want to play, you can go first and don't worry about me. "All right, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable outdoor park, goodbye." "Goodbye." Mi Danxia casually teased Jiang Jiao: "It's rare to see Ah Jiao playing with his mobile phone." …… Accompany Zuduo to eat, drink and play for two days. On the evening of the third day, he was sent to Guangjian Airport. Jiang Jiao drove back to the TV station. The twilight is at the end of the sky, and the city is like a sea of dark blue and orange. White 740 like a fish diving into the underground parking lot. Jiang Jiao stopped the music in the car and stopped before pulling out the key. A tall boy stood against the wall a few meters in front of the car. His head drooped slightly and his face was blurred in the dim environment. Jiang Jiao lowered the window and reached out to hook him. Ji Heqing recognized Jiang Jiao's car and saw her gestures. I hate to admit it, but the truth is, he was waiting for her here. Received her message, came out of the practice room, the wind blew, did not see sober, even let the legs walk here. Part of her hand was hanging out of the window, white and quiet, like the intoxicating song of a siren. Ji Heqing pursed his lips. There is a sense in his mind to persuade him not to go over and stop this kind of behavior. Why can she be with anyone else at will. Why did she hook him to go over? In the dark night, the headlights come on. Thinking she was leaving, Ji Heqing emptied his head. When the consciousness returned, the person had already sat in the co-driver's seat in her car. I Ji Heqing half buckled the seat cushion and thought about whether he should get off now. Jiang Jiaosheng closed the window. "Will you go out with me?" "Good.." Ji Heqing hates this mouth with a sense of autonomy. Fasten your seat belt. Jiang Jiao drives the car. Strands of unique light fragrance float near. Close to the confined space, even breathing is winding, as if it can close the distance, ambiguous breeding. Fortunately, there is a suitable air conditioning to ease the hot skin of Jihe Qing. Thinking about sweet and sour all the way. When the car stopped, Ji Heqing looked out, "this." Turn around and ask Jiang Jiao, "is this here?" "Hotel." Jiang Jiao slanted his face and raised his eyebrows. "Don't you understand?" Ji Heqing's heart choked, for her somewhat pondering tone, for the meaning of her words. How could he not know? What else can you do in a hotel? "I'm not going." Ji Heqing lowered his eyes. Strange to give birth to a little secret pride: finally able to withstand the temptation, finally able to refuse her. Jiang Jiaoshui's red lips were slightly hooked, and he leaned close to him. Thirty centimeters, twenty centimeters.. Ji Heqing gritted his teeth and did not open his face. Jiang Jiao was not annoyed either. He raised his hand to his right cheek and turned his whole face around with a little effort. Don't go A low and lazy voice, a slightly hot and fragrant breath. Ji Heqing's fingertips are burning, "I.." The warmth on his lips stopped his unfinished words. This is the first kiss between Ji Heqing and Jiang Jiao. Unexpectedly, Ji Heqing, in amazement, let the softness knock open his teeth and reach into the place where he had never been visited. Five fingers scratched deep marks on the cushion. She's more charming than a siren. 、018 This is a private, high end hotel out of the hustle and bustle. The moon in the sky is half hidden in the thick clouds, and the lights on the ground are filled with soft light. The people in the car were breathing heavily. One attack, one concession. The blouse slipped off his shoulder and Jiang Jiao returned to the driver's seat. Except for the exceptionally bright red lips, the face is no different from usual. Ji Heqing, who had a dim view, was not satisfied to go after him. Strangled by the force of the seat belt, the flush on his face spread. Why so.. Shame. Ji Heqing lowered his eyelashes and breathed steadily. Don't go Jiang Jiao threw out the question again. ……” It was like a thin,Inflatable water obstacle course, honey-coated steel wire wrapped around his heart, and when she spoke, the strength of the wire tightened.