The demon God who held down the sacred wise wolf was strange, but he looked like a bird with a human face, four fleshy wings on his back, no feathers, red all over his body, big red scales arranged on his body, one after another, without any gap between them, a total of six claws, two in front of his chest, two in his abdomen, and then two leg-like claws, standing up like a man, fierce and majestic. He is a hundred feet tall, just like the overlord between heaven and earth. With one foot to the sacred wisdom wolf on the ground, the sacred wisdom wolf only felt that his whole body was tight, dyed like an iron hoop, neither flying change, nor the slightest movement, even the primordial God could not jump out to escape, was hit by Yunxia with the magic weapon Dragon and Tiger Seal, showing the original shape of the silver wolf, his fur was like a touch of silver light, without the slightest variegation, bright water, dazzling to the extreme. From head to tail, it was about five or six feet long, held down by the claws of the demon God, like a chicken held down by an eagle. It was completely crawling on the ground, but I don't know how high it was. Only its head and tail were completely exposed. It was weak and dying,x56 line pipe, as if it had lost its vitality. Although the holy wisdom wolf cultivates the demon immortal, but where is all day demon God's match, under the capture, can also maintain not to show the original shape, actually was commendable. In the absence of resistance, the dragon and tiger treasure seal hit the mud palace pill, I am afraid that even the Bull Demon King will show his true shape, of course, the sacred wisdom wolf is no exception. What a silver wolf! When Yunxia saw that the situation was settled, she and a group of sisters pointed at the sacred wise wolf and all praised it. Smiling,316ti stainless steel, Liao Xiaojin flew up and saw the two women who had been caught by the human snake. Of course, they were not as deep as the sacred wise wolf. They were in the position of demons and immortals. Under the threat of the momentum of the demon God, they all showed their true colors, but they were a white head and a red-haired female roe deer. They opened their big eyes and looked at the crowd. The resentment was about to rush out of their bodies. Liao Xiaojin took the nine-day yuanyang ruler and hit the two demon mud palace pills a few times, sealing the primordial spirit. Put him in a coma. Only then did he snatch the plantain fan and the animal card, and then he came down contentedly. Wonderful! Yunxia took the plantain fan and looked at it. She was overjoyed. It turned out that on the leaf stalk of the plantain fan, there were eight small lines of family inscriptions. A total of three or four hundred words, blue light flow, is obviously the use of pithy formulas and incantations, without sacrifice, can be used in accordance with the law. Holding a plantain fan, he recited a pithy formula according to the incantation above, and became the size of an ordinary fan, which was very suitable to hold in his hand. Although the holy wise wolf could not move, he was conscious. Seeing this man and several women, he was like an ant. He caught himself and pointed out the taunt. He was obviously humiliated. He was so angry that he almost fainted and his mind buzzed. He wanted to chew each other into powder and swallow it again, but he couldn't do anything about it. You evil beast, you don't know how to return to the right path, or you don't change your ferocity, and you have no leisure time to talk with you. When Yunxia saw the egg-sized silver-gray eyes of the Sacred Wisdom Wolf, she knew that he was extremely unconvinced. But of course, x70 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, Yunxia would not let him out. She wanted him to be convinced and so on. Think about it, a demon master would be convinced by a monk who had not even returned to the late stage. It was like an ant wanting an elephant to be convinced. Pointing to the hand, the bundle of immortal rope came back, put a circle around the neck of the sacred wise wolf, tied a knot, firmly around the neck of the sacred wise wolf, still called the demon God to seize, a line of several people turned back to the immortal mansion. The sacred wisdom of the wolf is really too high, and the clouds of women are not in the same level, there is no day demon God, even if there is a seal to ban, I am afraid to be the silver hair wolf to break free, but also with the help of the jade column fairy mansion in the lock demon array can be foolproof, and the two witches, not so troublesome. Yuzhu Xianfu, a door, is the original Zhou Qing here to defeat the six-eyed toad, took the town of Lingbei place, there were nine crystal pillars around the altar, then Zhou Qing received the stone tablet, did not go in, Yunxia into Xianfu, the stone tablet a throw, still fell on the altar, the crystal pillar stretched out again, Yunxia read the truth, the crystal pillar reduced to the thickness of the bucket. Only then did he put a seal on the body of the holy wisdom wolf, tied it straight down the neck with a fairy rope, and tied it to the pillar. The nine crystals shot out white brilliance, fixing the nine orifices of the holy wisdom wolf respectively, and then he was relieved to accept the demon God. After giving Liao Xiaojin the seal of the Dragon and Tiger, Yunxia ordered, "The jade tablet in your hand is a treasure of the immortal family. It's just right for you to defend yourself. But only this silver-haired wolf must know the method of sacrifice. Every day you use this seal to hit this fellow's mud palace pill, move his primordial spirit, and torture it out.". Liao Xiaojin was overjoyed. Every day, in addition to offering sacrifices to the son of the blood God, he tortured the sacred wisdom wolf and forced him to ask for a pithy formula. He made the sacred wisdom wolf angry and painful, and his life was worse than death. However, Liao Xiaojin enjoyed it every day. Ten days later, Liao Xiaojin's son of the blood God was completely successful in offering sacrifices. Thirteen faint blood shadows surrounded him, rising and falling. These blood shadows seem to be real and illusory, Liao Xiaojin's mind moves, thirteen blood shadows get into his own body, although the blood God son can now be used against the enemy, but every day he still needs to use his own body's blood to feed, and his mind is more psychic, and then put it out, suck other people's blood soul, every time he sucks a minute of blood shadow, he gets a minute thick, and finally condenses into a non-phase blood demon. But it's been a long time. After Liao Xiaojin became the son of the blood God, he had a lot of time to torture the holy wisdom wolf, and took pleasure in it. There were endless means, either burning with magic fire, or biting the internal organs with insects. If he didn't want to get something useful from his mouth, Liao Xiaojin even wanted to swallow him with the son of the blood God. Sacred wisdom wolf is a demon, take off the fate of reincarnation, for Liao Xiaolai is unimaginably powerful, if devoured by the blood God, do not know how powerful it will be. Nai He Yunxia saw that the sacred wise wolf was covered with silver fur, which was very imposing and good-looking. In addition, the little fox and Zhou Chen both had their own mounts. Yunxia wanted to have one herself, so she asked Liao Xiaojin to wear off the wolf's heart and blood. Later, when Zhou Qing came back,a333 grade 6 pipe, she forced him to make it her own mount. Later, when she flew, she also saved a lot of effort.