Path of Exile is a huge and widely acclaimed action role-playing game that allows players to wake up on the coast of an unfamiliar continent called Wraeclast, a place of exile for criminals and social outcasts.

The player's goal is to survive in this hostile environment, trying to gather a group of survivors, and the ruins of Vaal civilisation are all over Wraeclast. Path of Exile has received a lot of content updates over the years, expanding the world in the game. It even won the Best Evolving Game in the 16th British Academy Games Awards in 2020.

It is also an in-game economic MMORPG with a large audience, booming exchangeable items and POE Currency. As always, players can spend countless hours to obtain these items, traversing the length and breadth of Wraeclast in the process. Therefore, players who want to save time can earn more POE Chaos Orb in the game as much as possible, which can greatly enhance the player's game strength and speed up their upgrade speed.

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