The legend of the fact that product creativity hails from Marlboro Gold, with the gratitude culture that features lasted for lots of years as the origin, the design switches into the facial foundation that evolved from body shape, successfully condenses the cosmetic beauty, and conveys all the sincere emotions on the heart. Side kick box type-care: The inside push box type is treated to achieve a fabulous breakthrough in inverting tobacco, which is useful for consumers to extract avoiding artificial pollution for the smoking end, which is certainly more hygienic together with increases the personality for the experience; natural flavors-care: Innovatively using natural herbal different ways with enhanced scent and moisturizing outcome Marlboro Cigarettes, combined with the equivalent core round butt end stick, realizes the initial sensory pursuit about "soft, clean and additionally moist" elegant zest cigarettes, making the scent full and gentle while achieving the last word elegant taste, Address your health. Cigarettes are 90mm long and 5. 45mm for diameter. Ultra-fine "fragrance beads" they fit in the sift with advanced solutions. The technology is heightened and the technology is most effective. Selected domestic high-quality smoke leaf materials and additionally carefully extracted purely natural flavors and smells, The fragrance is normally elegant and fashionable, the taste is normally soft and dainty, natural ecology, smoke cigars better, and mentality is most effective. The box body's mainly made about gold, highlighting all the characteristics of ""; the box body's surrounded by delicious traditional auspicious patterns in making auspicious and joyous feeling; the box cover and therefore the reverse side are matched along with the product name by having a unique imperial good condition Cigarettes For Sale, presenting a completely unique royal family in general The breath is mostly a classic atmosphere; the long tobacco and long aftertaste supplements use 90 mm long cigarettes by having a diameter of 5. forty mm. At the same time frame, it is met with yellow filter paper to earn the product a great deal more delicate and fashionable. Different; the unit uses regional high-quality basic tobacco leaves supplemented by means of natural flavors and additionally fragrances, and uses today's technology to enhance all the physique, so of the fact that smoke is relaxed and comfortable, all the fragrance is fashionable and delicate, all the throat is dainty and mellow, and therefore the aftertaste is huge. Graceful and gorgeous, born from somewhere warm, double ten gifts, as low like 10 mg about tar and 10 mg about carbon monoxide, certainly is the perfect interpretation about "light and fashionable fragrance". The outer packaging boasts a leather-like texture. Unique feature: elegant taste, fantastic mellowness.
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