Doing all of the planetary quests will probably be your best bet to level quickly for more. When you want to a quest hub, pick up each of the quests. Empty your bags making room so that you will do not have to return to the quest hub til you have completed the many quests. This will guarantee there is no wasted time between quests. SWTOR was made so that every one of the quests from a single quest hub will be in one area, nearly the same as daily quest hubs.

Completing a planetary arc on your class quest will reward an XP boost also. If you should break up the questing monotony, dungeon (flashpoint) running is the best next fastest bet. Also, group up! Grouping provides bonus XP depending on how many players have been in the group. If you're a subscriber, ensure that you log outside in a cantina or some other rest area. This will build up your rested XP, that gives extra experience if you kill mobs. It works a lot like a generic XP boost.

But what’s donrrrt forget this is that Star Wars the Old Republic is and try to will be a story-focused game. Beginning in 3641 BBY, you are taking on the role of eight class stories across two factions, with four stories per faction game. And these are widely considered the very best stories hanging around.

After the course stories are finished, players head into the faction stories which might be Rise with the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan before heading into Knight from the Fallen Empire and Knights from the Eternal Throne, which arranges the storyline moving forward. In Knights from the Fallen Empire, your character becomes the first choice of an Alliance of specialists and Force users inside their attempt to lessen the Eternal Empire.

Depending on which endgame content you want to do, maybe you have better luck or perhaps an easier time stepping into that content depending for the role or class you select.

If you wish to get into endgame raiding, obviously Tank and Healer courses are going to be in demand than DPS. Tanks and healers indeed increasingly becoming more scarce and harder to fill for raid groups. When it comes to DPS it depends on knowing your class in pulling high numbers and currently you can’t away with

In PvP, however, everything's a little different. DPS and Healers must be useful but tanks, less view here. Instead, skank tanks are favoured as they are able taunt and guard while having the ability to deal ample damage.