Grinding Gear Games has released Patch 2.01, Path of Exile Update, which contains a slew of game fixes. Given that we just got the big Siege of Atlas update two weeks ago, players shouldn't expect anything new in this patch. What players can look forward to is a plethora of fixes and improvements to Siege of Atlas, and more!

This patch contains a number of small to medium critical improvements and bug fixes for Archnemesis and Siege of the Atlas content.

Endgame content improvements and fixes

    Inserting Void Stones in your atlas now gives a 25% chance to drop maps in the area one level higher, which increases the number of Void Stones you insert and gains POE Chaos Orb.
    Atlas passive now affects Shaper Guardian and Vaal Temple maps.
    Completing unique maps no longer counts towards your highest map tiers completed in Atlas and Kirak missions.
    Epidemiology Atlas Notable now also increases the effect of modifiers on Blight maps by 25%.

Archnemesis improvements and bug fixes

    Added a drop-down list of discovered recipes to the Archnemesis panel, showing the modifiers that make up a particular recipe and whether the recipe is currently achievable. This drop-down menu can be used to filter your current modifier set to find modifiers used in the selected recipe.
    Archnemesis recipe highlighting is now everywhere, not just in encounters.
    Updated the description of the Vampire Enemy affix to clarify that monsters cannot be stolen.

Finally, remind those players who want to earn POE Currency, you can choose POECurrency to buy POE Currency.