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As you buy some new ships equipment after a while, you’ll also receive additional abilities. A majority of these upgrades can be bought from the Starship Upgrades vendor inside the Galactic Trade Network part of the Republic or Imperial fleet, within the cages about the outside of the ring. If you are only starting out, I actually strongly suggest not upgrading your ship by any means until you start choosing the missions difficult, as there’s quite a fun feeling of progression in upgrading your ship with time.

Back inside the day, it was achieved by playing space missions when you levelled up, because the equipment pieces were all level gated. These days, you’ll desire to replicate this a feeling of progression by not over gearing your ship for your easier missions visit this site. Returning to the more missions later with numerous upgrades could be a lot of fun, as much have hidden objectives, and there’s a positive change in completing these with a basic ship versus one that’s fully upgraded.