The front OSRS gold linesman, they are the very first to depart the God's Cave; they are awarded scrolls that will recharge their special attack bar; but at the cost of 3 prayer points each cast. 2nd to leave the God's Cave; they're advised to utilize the sniping posts disperse through-out the War Arena; they are given 1K Adamant Arrows, however once they run out the need to utilize their Bow for a melee weapon.

These are the sweepers of the army; they exit 3rd and may throw their weapons such as boomerangs... in the cost of a distinctive Power, Running Energy, and Prayer Points. These usually do not exit far from the base; they're provided with 5K of most runes; they are also able to utilize a distinctive skill from the stadium were then can cast a spell 3-times, at the price of a Prayer Ponts and the runes for 5 Casts.

These gamers cannot Bring any weapons to the war zone; they are given a boosted defense (20 Points), and it won't drain while on their throne; in adition that they can not be poisoned, and can exchange prayer points and run energy for health (There are just two Royalty, one male and feminine, these are such as flags in capture the flag, and after both are murdered the match ends.)

Among the most important functions in the game. They shield the King and Queen; they can not bring range and magic gear to the war zone, so they're given a boosted assault and defense (20 Points), and it won't drain as long as they're in the throne room; in adition they can not be poisened, and may trade their prayer points and run electricity buy fire cape OSRS for Special Attack Energy.