Will you use a DIY migration or hire outside assistance? Next, you must decide how you will carry out the migration procedure. Going it alone could be the most economical choice for certain firms, particularly if they have some tech-savvy team members. If your business chooses to handle the migration process internally, make sure to do your homework and have a sense of the ground rules before getting started. We'll discuss them later. Microsoft provides a number of user guides aimed to assist company owners in comprehending and mastering the migration process. There are several third-party services available that focus on Office 365 migrations for businesses seeking help. Additionally, if your company partners with an IT MSP, their staff may help manage the relocation process or at the very least provide professional support. No matter what, be sure you opt to use third-party migration assistance before you begin the relocation process. Mid-migration, hiring outside assistance might be quite difficult and expensive.
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